Which Procedures Can Change Your Breasts

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Many different breast issues lead women to surgical procedures. Today, almost every issue can be treated, as cosmetic surgery procedures have had developed a lot in the last period. Depending on your situation, you will explain to your doctor what you want to change, while the doctor will do the evaluation, and explain what you can expect from that specific situation.

Some women have a bigger problem, such as breast cancer. Knowing the illness and getting better in surgery techniques, surgeons are achieving amazing results. The statistic is showing the number of cured women is growing. There is also a cosmetic procedure that can fix the situation after mastectomy, the technique where one or both breasts are removed due to breast cancer.

Breast reconstruction surgery

This procedure will create a new breast after mastectomy. The breast reconstruction surgeon Sydney can do this technique after the breast cancer procedure or during. The goal of the procedure is to lower the psychological impact, that cancer procedure has on the body. 

Breast reconstruction surgery can be your solution after breast cancer

The breast reconstruction surgery will reshape one or both breasts, and that is done with implants, prosthetics or autologous, also known as skin flap surgery. If you choose implants, the surgeon will suggest silicone or saline. Silicone implants are well-known by now and they can give you size and shape that you desire.

Saline implants are giving a more natural look to the breasts. Also, the feeling is softer, and if the implant gets damaged, the saline water is totally safe, so your body will just absorb it. As for the skin flap surgery, the doctor will take tissue from some part of your body, and he will use it to reconstruct your breasts. These two procedures can be combined.

Tuberous breast augmentation

Tuberous breasts are deformed breasts. They can be elongated in shape, have very big protruding nipples with large areolas, or to be generally “droopy”. Tuberous breasts are not the same as the small breasts and they should not be treated the same way. If you have these kinds of breasts, and you are thinking about breast augmentation, your situation needs to be diagnosed, so you can get results that you desire.

Fixing tuberous breasts

Undergoing tuberous breast augmentation Sydney according to Breast & Body Clinic is the best solution if you want to improve the look of your breasts. The surgeon will carefully listen to your wishes, he will explain what is possible and what’s not, so can have the vision of your new breasts.

This procedure is done with implants, where you can choose shape, material, and size. One procedure is enough for amazing change, but sometimes one breast is much different than the other, so the surgeon may suggest one more procedure.

Final word

Do some research and find the best solution for you. Don’t hurry while making the decision and don’t hesitate to consult with your doctor, who is the most important grummet in your breast changing process.


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