Lifestyle Arbitrage for the Mobile Entrepreneur

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By JeffreyThurber

Arbitrage is a business term defined as the buying and selling of financial instruments in different markets to take advantage of the price differences in foreign exchanges. Apply this to lifestyle design and we can come up with some interesting versions of arbitrage that can enhance your life when we think of the advantages of being a lifestyle entrepreneur, tech nomad, mobile worker or some of the other jargon used to describe someone who lives and works where ever they want for as long as the want.

Weather Arbitrage
Being able to work and live in a climate of your choosing is a great reason for living a location independent lifestyle. You can enjoy summer in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, if you want to live in a nice spring like climate for a few months. When the weather starts to get too cold for comfort you can lay out on the beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil when you want sun and fun. If you time your arrival in Rio just right you can get there when the hottest part of the year is over but the weather is still great to go to the beach.

Geo Arbitrage
One of the advantages of being a nomad is using currency from a first world country and move to a third world country. Your currency will go a long way in your new home. Depending which countries you chose to travel and live in, a person from a first world country can live on a third of the money it took to in the first world at the same and often times a higher standard of living.

Location Arbitrage
Having the freedom to work where you want to is probably the biggest advantage to “Going Nomad”. When you can spend New Years in New York, Carnival in Brazil, and then make up a holiday of your own just as an excuse to travel, that is what I call living. Many people stuck in cubicles dream of such as lifestyle, but few if any actually take the action necessary to live the life they desire.

Lifestyle Arbitrage
What we are really talking about here is lifestyle arbitrage, leveraging your experience, talents, and passions to create a better lifestyle for yourself. Whether you travel to another country, state, city or just establish a life style that gives you more time to spend with your family and friends and do some of things you have always wanted to do in life, choosing a location independent lifestyle and business is a option many people are exercising today.

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