The Concept of EU Cosmetic Regulation

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By JeffreyThurber

EU cosmetic regulation means that all the people, products, services, and capital are considered as a cornerstone in the European Union. More clearly while working for a product market there should be the EU cosmetics Legislation. All the products that are moving freely in the EU should have the same labeling including its packaging. There should be some safety regulations so that the movement of products in EU can be harmonized and the entire member states that should agree on same safety standards. This regulation was implemented in EU in July 2013.

The Philosophy of this Regulation

The purpose of this regulation was that all the products that are strictly meeting the requirements of that that regulation should circulate freely in the EU market and people and quick access to all such products. The people or the person that is producing the products is responsible for them. The responsible person should ensure that the products they are manufacturing are fulfilling all the consumer needs and they are also meeting all the requirements of this legislation. All the steps that are involved in the manufacturing of these products like choosing the raw material and placing products in the market, the whole procedure are according to EU cosmetics Legislation.

How to Choose Ingredients to Manufacture Products?

The selection of ingredients to make a product is clearly directed in the regulation. In this regulation, all the rules to develop such products and the safety assessment of the ingredients are also described in clear words. Some products that are toxic should not be used in products but under some circumstances, the producer can use them in a limited quantity as per the EU cosmetic regulation. The ingredients that are used in the cosmetics like coloring agents and preservative should be approved by the authority and they should be UV filtered.

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