All About Types Of Hair Brushes And Combs- Plus What They Do

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Many people use the hairbrush or combs without knowing their use and benefits. Most of the time we use the wrong type that may create hair problems. Choosing the right comb or brush for your hair play a significant role in the health of hair. Therefore, if you are going to buy the new hairbrush or comb then try to purchase according to your hair type and need. Some of the common types of hair brushes and combs- plus what they do are described below

Fine tooth comb

It is best for those who have silky straight hairs. This hair tool allows you to smooth straight hairs, cowlick, and bumps. Along with the handle is so thin that help you in curling and different hair styling. You can easily separate the locks with its handle and give your hairs the look you need for the event.

Wide Tooth Comb

Those having the curly and frizzy hair must use this type of comb as it detangles your hair without hurting you. along with it is helpful in detangling of wet hairs. It straightens up your hairs without breakage you may have to face with a fine-tooth comb.

Paddle hairbrush

If you are not comfortable with comb then paddle hair brush is ideal to detangle the straight as well as curly hairs. It is usually made of soft natural bristles so that you don’t feel any irritation while brushing. It provides you smooth comfortable message type feel while you brush your hairs.

Round Hair Brush

The main purpose is to curl your hairs while doing blow drying or to add the volume in your hairs. You can share your hairs in any style by using this special hair styling tool.

Vented Brush

Another styling tool for hair is the vented brush. It has special bristles that allow you the softening of hairs and you can style by curling in such a way that it also improves the volume of your hairs.

The brushes are available with natural or synthetic brushes. Whenever you have to choose first check out your hair type, as well as skin type. Most synthetic bristles may cause itching and not suitable for the sensitive scalp so try to buy the brush with natural bristles. Also choose the shape of hair tool that is best for your hairs and provide you comfortable detangling.


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