Looking At The Cost Of Dentist Insurance: How To See True Value

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By JeffreyThurber

Having health insurance is the best way to save on medical costs. The sad part about most health insurance providers is that they do not cover dental needs. More often than not Americans pay out of pocket for dental procedures and the cost can rack up. Although prices for dental work vary depending on your needs and procedures needed to be done, an average American spends about $350 a year for teeth and gum care. This begs the question, is the Cost of dentist insurance worth it?

Types Of Dental Plans

Those who are lucky enough to get dental insurance from work are more likely to get these three types of dental plans:

* Indemnity Plans allow the insured (you) to choose your dental care provider and the insurance company pays a part of the fees.

* Preferred Provider Organization also known as PPO is a list of preferred dental care providers that agree to give patients in the network a reduced fee. Costs are typically lower when you choose a dentist who is on the list, but you can still seek care from a dentist not included in the network, but it will cost more out of pocket.

* Health Maintenance Organizations or HMO’s is the cheapest type of dental plan, but members are required to seek dental care only from dentists included in the network.

How Much Does Dental Insurance Cost

Determining the average cost of getting a dental insurance as a private individual can vary. Most insurance providers do give their clients options on the type of insurance coverage they want depending on their budget. Some providers even offer deals to include the whole family. Although the actual dental insurance cost is not set in stone a premium group plan back in 2014 costs between $228 to $384 per year or about $19 to $31 per month.

Is It Worth The Cost?

If you do decide on getting a premium dental plan you should also consider the coverage included in a plan. Typically dental plans have a “100-80-50” policy. To better understand these numbers here are the specifics:

100% Coverage of fees is given for preventive dental care procedures like periodic check-ups, X-rays, and sealants. 80% Coverage of fees is offered for basic procedures like fillings, extractions, and even root canals. Only 50% or less coverage of fees applies to major dental procedures like crowns, bridges, implants, dentures, and sometimes root canals as well.

Although coverage plans vary depending on the procedure most plans also offer subscribers a cap coverage that can sometimes amount to $1,500 a year. This is a big difference to the annual fee of less than $400 you pay. In fact many Americans do not even reach the cap coverage in a year even with regular dental visits.

Deciding On The Right Plan

It can be hard to choose the right plan, especially since the cost of dentist insurance varies depending on provider. In the long run a dental plan is still worth investing in, especially if you end up spending more out of pocket during visits to your dentist.
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