Is the requirement for diuretics warranted if we are not athletes?

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By JeffreyThurber

In this article, we will try to answer temporarily the question of the need for synthetic diuretics if we are not bodybuilders, and what are the best environmental diuretics that would help us lose another extra pound if we don’t like each other.

Diuretics are drugs that increase the secretion of water from the body all the way through urine. Several of them only excrete sodium from the body, but others also excrete potassium, which is highly not recommended, as the risk of cramps (muscle cramps) will increase significantly.

Their use in other sports is generally in order to enter a lower weight category, and if the weight loss is up to 3%, it will not adversely affect the athletic achievement.

If the punishment depends directly on the relative strength, then such a small weight loss would have an extremely advantageous effect, especially for track and field athletes and gymnasts.

With prolonged loads, however, the presentation deteriorates sharply – 1,500 meters of smooth running by just about 8 seconds, 5,000 meters by 78 seconds, and 10,000 meters – by 157 seconds. This is due to side effects such as dizziness due to hypotension (low blood pressure), due to decreased blood volume, diminished coordination and thermoregulation, cramps, blood clotting and cardiac arrhythmia.

Their use to accomplish a more aesthetic attendance by those affianced in fitness and amateur bodybuilding, without being athletes – is often unjustified, as the effect of them lasts only for a day or two, and after stopping their intake there is a converse effect – the body, in calculation to regaining the lost water, retains as much, which in addition to unaesthetic attendance, also leads to health problems such as hypertension, kidney damage and electrolyte disproportion in the body (imbalance between cations and anions).

The elimination of sodium and potassium from the muscle cell substantially worsens the muscle contraction!

To agreement with this problem, we can take on tablets containing potassium and magnesium.

They could easily be uncovered in pharmacies. However, they should not be overdone, as magnesium will lead to a weakening of muscular tonus and “diminishing” of the muscles, and potassium in large doses is harmful to the heart.

If you need to get in shape immediately, do not use diuretics, but visit a sauna, and / or decrease the expenditure of sodium salt and foods and increases rich in it.

However, the sauna ought to also not be overdone, because in addition to harmful salts, the body will heave away the valuable ones. Weight loss should not be more than 4-5%, as the objective is to persuade of only extracellular (intercellular) and subcutaneous water, and to maintain intracellular and blood plasma. Winstrol also have this effects and increases levels of C1INH and C4 protein in the blood by enhancing their production.


The natural diuretics that will help us deal with excess water in our body inside explanation are: white birch bark extract, bearberry, dandelion, goldenrod, juniper, cranberry, green tea and caffeine. Tribulus also has some weak diuretic effect.

Vitamin B6 in significant doses is a very robust diuretic. Foods with a diuretic effect are beets, parsley, asparagus and oatmeal. Oats include a natural mix called silicon dioxide, which acts as a natural diuretic in the human being body.

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