Herbalife Distributor Reviews Reveal A Healthy, Engaging Employer

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By JeffreyThurber

Just about everyone feels a need to lose weight or gain weight and to make improvements in their diet. But how can ordinary people sort through all the competing claims of well-intentioned health experts to find their own, individualized path to better health?

Herbalife Nutrition offers answers. Herbalife distributors are at the ready to provide people with the knowledge they need that is specific to them to support healthy choices. Herbalife is committed to supporting their customers on their path to sustaining health with personalized wellness plans, one-to-one relationships with Herbalife distributors, community nutrition clubs, and high-quality products.

Four million customers consume four million Herbalife nutrition shakes every day. And every Herbalife customer all over the world has an Herbalife distributor at the ready to help them live a healthier life. So, what is it about the Herbalife experience that keeps four million customers happy on their road to better health?

Herbalife Nutrition strives to make the highest quality products possible. Good nutrition starts with choosing the right natural sources of healthful nutrients.

Herbalife works with generational farmers around the world to create a sustainable supply of nutrition based on high-quality ingredients, and it goes above and beyond the requirements of government regulators to make sure that those products are exactly the species and strain of the plant that packs the greatest punch of herbal nutrition.

Herbalife works with a team of scientists who do not just the usual microscopic inspections that verify that a plant product is clean and pure but also DNA testing to ensure it contains the right plant chemicals for solid support of health.

Herbalife knows that it’s hard to pursue healthy habits on your own. Diets don’t work when people don’t have the support they need to stick to them. And diets don’t work if you don’t have the knowledge you need to make the right choices for your health and your family’s busy lifestyle.

That’s why Herbalife distributors are more than just the people who make sure you have the products you need to keep up your wellness programs. They are also coaches and community leaders who put you in touch with other people near you who share your goals. Your Herbalife community shares your goals and celebrates your success as you replace old habits with healthful alternatives.

Your Herbalife distributor gets to know the real you by using a wellness evaluation – a tool developed with the help of the company’s dietitians and fitness experts.

Some of the questions include: How much sleep do you get? How much water do you drink every day? Do you feel that you need to lose or gain weight? What has worked for you in the past, and if there isn’t anything that has worked for you over the long term, what got in the way of your success?

The Herbalife distributor’s goal isn’t to impose some one-size-fits-all master plan on every customer and then sell them lots of products. It’s the distributor’s job to listen to each new customer and understand their goals for good health, and then to offer specific products, information and support.

One of the ways Herbalife helps people who want to lose weight achieve their goals is with its famous meal replacements. The problem with most diets is that most of them are so limiting, and it takes a lot of willpower to stay the course. There’s always a temptation to fall off the diet.

Herbalife’s meal replacements are made from reliable, nutritious ingredients to provide all the needed nutrients without unneeded calories. Coupled with a distributor who acts as your coach, you can stay motivated and feel supported in your journey to achieve a healthier weight.


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