The Complete Guide for Beginners: Full-Body Kettlebell Exercise

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By JeffreyThurber

Do you want to be fit in a shorter time? The full-body kettlebell workout is here! The kettlebell is an amazing training tool that will give you a complete workout in record-breaking time.

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Continue reading to learn how to use a kettlebell for this beginner’s full-body workout.

Why we love a Full Body Kettlebell Workout

There are many options for training in today’s world: you can lift dumbbells, curl dumbbells or run on a treadmill. You can also practice yoga and do other things like running, lifting barbells, or curling dumbbells.

Each of these activities has its own fitness benefits – dumbbells and barbells can strengthen your muscles, while treadmills can improve your cardiovascular system. Yoga increases flexibility and strength. A kettlebell workout achieves all of these goals!

Kettlebell training does not replace basic weight training. Kettlebell training can help you achieve strength, cardio, and flexibility in one package.

These cannonball-shaped weights, with handles, are a great way to strengthen your body and get more exercise than running for 30 minutes. How? If you are interested in learning more about kettlebells, keep reading!

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This is a very different approach to working with dumbbells or barbells which offer a more methodical, static type of training.

Kettlebell training, which is fluid, dynamic and motion-based, taps into your central nervous systems and activates multiple muscles for every movement.

Kettlebells can also be used to strengthen your muscles, burn calories and fat by tapping into your cardiovascular system. Win, win! Wait! There’s more! These amazing kettlebell benefits are just the beginning!

  • Increased strength
  • Enhanced coordination
  • Increased flexibility and balance
  • Cardiovascular Health Benefits
  • Greater range of motion


This last benefit, being time efficient, is what most people are interested in. Our lives are more hectic than ever and time is scarce. It’s easy to get more out of your workout in a shorter time.

The American Council on Exercise states that kettlebells can offer a more intense workout than traditional strength training in a shorter time. Kettlebell training simultaneously improves cardio endurance, strength and flexibility.

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The kettlebell allows you to move more freely and activate more muscles.

Let’s look at how the kettlebell works, what it looks like, and what you can do to make your workout more efficient.

Kettlebells for Beginners

Kettlebells can be described as weighted balls that have a handle. They allow the weight to swing and move when you move them from one place to another.

The kettlebell is more flexible than the dumbbell which has a fixed position, equal on both sides. It allows for greater movement and more range of motion.

Parts of a Kettlebell

Handle: This is the most common place to hold the bell so that you can swing it and pass it from one hand to another.

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Horns: Use an alternate grip, especially if the bell is upside-down.

Base: This is the largest part of the bell. This is where you can hold it for more stability.

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