Can A Natural Health Lifestyle Assist Me?

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By JeffreyThurber

Why ME, is what anybody suffering from Myalgic Encephalomyetis, might ask themselves. After all ME, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) as it is also known, can descend like a dark debilitating cloud, even upon those who previously enjoyed good health. It is possible that changing to a natural health lifestyle could assist.

The medical profession has not always been helpful, and even now, there are doctors who are reluctant to admit that ME exists. It is regrettable that, as yet, there are no tests to confirm a diagnosis, but in the absence of other causes, the symptoms are clearly indicative that something serious is amiss. Such symptoms include muscle joint pain, headaches, nausea, depression, an inability to concentrate, and physical depletion. In these circumstances, a natural health lifestyle may help guard against the continued onslaught that could result in those afflicted, becoming overwhelmed and chronically fatigued.

To understand how to recover from ME, you need to know what caused it, and you could then attempt to reverse the process, which could include adapting to a natural health lifestyle. It is not unusual for the symptoms to arise after a viral infection, such as influenza. In such cases it would seem that even after the virus has been eliminated and seen off, the body does not fully recover but remains in a state of depletion. Any further stress compounds the problem, and an array of symptoms results. These are not the normal problems that occur after an illness, but something much more pronounced that seems to continue indefinitely.

So what can you do? Therein lies a clue, because unless you are fortunate enough to have a doctor who recognises, and therefore has experience of dealing with ME, it must largely be a case of what you can do to help yourself. It seems that ME is a modern dis-ease, that may respond favourably to a natural health lifestyle.

It is true that ME was at one time also known as ‘yuppy flu’. That was because it frequently, but not always, affected high achievers or those aspiring to be so. It is possible that some high achievers push themselves over and beyond others with lower aspirations. In such circumstances, and particularly after a setback such as a severe viral infection can induce, it is not surprising that fatigue can set in, and become chronic. It surely would be less likely to do so, in those who undertake a natural health lifestyle, to build up their immune systems.

So, in the absence of an enlightened medical practitioner, how can people with ME help themselves? Strangely, there may be some obvious answers. If you are chronically fatigued it makes good sense to decide on how you can improve your well being, with a natural health lifestyle. Resting and relaxing are two of the ingredients, needed to offset severe tiredness. Unfortunately, they could be misconstrued as a waste of time by the relentlessly ambitious.

Resting does not usually mean taking to your bed, although it can mean just that in extreme circumstances. More generally it means proceeding calmly, unhurriedly, and at a sensible pace. For example, a natural health lifestyle could assist you to replace intense concentration, with calm consideration, that could help in achieving your objectives.

People suffering from ME, do not usually have the same intensity of symptoms all of the time. Not for 24 hours per day every day. Therefore, at such times as they feel somewhat better, they should avoid situations that will drive them back into the abyss of fatigue. This could involve doing something different, or something peaceful, or therapeutic, such as a natural health lifestyle could provide.

It would require a conscious effort to consider your actions, and decide not to start flogging yourself, just because the symptoms had temporarily subsided. If you did charge headlong back into the fray, you would soon become run down, and encourage the symptoms to return with a vengeance. Better to continue with a natural health lifestyle, and see whether periods of relative comfort could be extended.

In the ME sufferer, the immune system, and general resilience to illness, have been compromised. A natural health approach to the condition might very well assist, and at least could do no harm. A good detox could be a sound way to start. There are many publications advising on how a detox might be achieved, but an easy way is simply to drink at least two litres of water per day, for two or three weeks.

If you felt that a simple detox had assisted you, as part of a natural health lifestyle, you would know that you were on the right track. ME is not something you were born with, but something that was triggered by factors outside your control. It could have been a viral infection, or stress piled upon stress, or whatever.

Please be assured that there are many people who have recovered, including those who have learned to manage ME and not allow it to be in control. What is for sure is that ME is a real illness, but in some instances the outlook can be greatly improved by undertaking a natural health lifestyle.

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