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As per studies, in 2014, the rate of cremation process in the US increased by 52% over its previous two year’s total, while as estimated by CANA; this rate is likely to reach 71% by 2030. As stated by market researchers that radical change in people’s lifestyle, gross advancement in technology, scientific beliefs and economical factors are some of the major grounds behind this growing trend. Aside from this, increasing consciousness among new generation in relation to ‘go green’ methodologies to lessen environment pollution is also a key aspect rousing people to go for cremation and to stay away from burial system. The Californian major cremation service provider group Trident society, a popular name in the industry, states that by choosing a cremation procedure, mournful families basically attain more flexibility not only toward time management but for organizing and scheduling the program of memorial services in a far creative and personalized way.

The majority of youngsters and their families these days are found getting settled in remote States and overseas for higher education, employment or business purpose. When someone like their elderly parent, aged grandma or grandfather depart this life, in the native town, many times it becomes problematic for them to attend a traditional burial system. The great advantage of cremation process enables families to get and store the remains of the dead soul and thus, a memorial service as per schedule can be organized in much systematic way with due diligence, devotion and in presence of all family members. It also offers higher accessibility and possibility to use ashes or remains of the loved one after the cremation service.

Burial of ashes makes sense- Trident Society Mentions It

Think logically, cremation ashes can be buried which makes no different sense than burial of a departed body contained in a costly casket. The flexibility is that aside from Burial Park, you can choose your home garden and after burial of the ash containing urn, you can personalize the plot with a gravestone imprinting with the details of the loved one deceased. Burial plots can also be purchased at nearby graveyards while many people choose places like columbarium or urn garden for eternal rest of their dearly loved family one.

Scattering ash is a great choice

An endeavor of scattering remains of a dead soul in the deep sea, parks or sacred placed are not illegal, even though, you should ensure about the local laws in this connection. Recall, if your loved one had a wish where his/her should be scattered for his final rest.

Allocation of the cremation ash

The cremation ash can be divided and stored in different good looking affordable urns available with Trident society. All family members or relations irrespective of where they live can carry these easy portable urns. Display them in their home and pay homage. With a traditional burial process this kind of flexibility can never be expected.

The esteemed serviced provider located in California, a specialist in cremation services has appeared as one of the most well equipped, professional but extremely friendly and compassionate community people. Not only in cremation process, but the well-informed group about State laws can support you in lawful scattering of ashes and specialized in wide range of urn supplying.

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