A Healthy Lifestyle Requires a Healthy Home

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By JeffreyThurber

In order to support a healthy lifestyle, one must think about more than eating right, regular exercise and taking vitamin supplements. A healthy body needs a healthy home to give it the all-around support that complements a healthy lifestyle – and choosing green cleaning products can help.

Using harsh chemicals to clean contributes to unhealthy air in the home, not to mention a mixture of dangerous chemicals ending up in the septic system or the city sewage system. Increasing importance is being made of using green cleaning products because of the concerns over the health of our Earth. But, people need to realize starting their environmental efforts at home is the best way to make a significant difference toward establishing a healthy lifestyle. Different types of natural products often work better than harsh chemical cleansers and by doing so naturally, the environment will stay green longer. Thus the reason green cleaning is becoming so popular for those committed to a healthy lifestyle.

Many of the more effective green cleaning products that contribute to a healthy lifestyle are those made with enzymes and bacteria that safely and effectively remove organic stains and odors. Grass, berry juices, blood and wine are perfect examples of organic stains that are difficult to remove. Besides working on stains, using all-natural enzymatic cleaners can actually break down organic odor-producing molecules. These types of green cleaning products work on stains and odors by attaching to the contaminant and breaking it into two separate molecules, and therefore changing its chemical structure. The stain or odor molecule is degraded and no longer has the characteristics that made it a stain or an odor.

Enzymatic cleaners have unlimited uses for supporting a healthy lifestyle, from removing odors caused by smoke, restrooms, trashcans, litter boxes, nursery pails, kennels, etc. to removing stains, and all without dangerous chemicals. The benefits of these green cleaning products are obvious and include not having toxic odors in the house from cleaning chemicals that are dangerous to inhale as well as to have on your skin or in your eyes. Also, you are keeping your septic system in better shape as well as your pipes that lead to it. More importantly, you don’t have to worry about residue from harsh cleansers affecting your healthy lifestyle, or that of your family or pets.

Other enzyme green cleaning products can be used specifically to break down the waste in septic systems. For those people who have a septic tank in their yard, if they have ever had to have it pumped, they know how expensive and frustrating it can be. Using a waste degrader that not only uses enzymes, but living bacteria, is a safe and extremely effective way to consume liquefied waste, converting it into inert compounds like water, carbon dioxide, and minimal solids, and protecting one’s healthy lifestyle. Organic wastes are things like cooking oils and grease, body oils that come off in the shower or bath, and sewage from bathrooms. Biodegrading this waste is a simple, safe and cost effective way to prevent septic tank and drain field problems from arising.

Also, what can you do about antifreeze, transmission oil, power steering fluid, and motor oil leaks on your driveway and garage floor? The typical cleaning solvents that are used are harsh, highly alkaline soaps and hydrocarbon-based cleaners that are not compatible with a healthy lifestyle. These solvents are toxic to humans, and once the leak is cleaned up, the toxin-soaked rags are pitched into a waste can or bagged for disposal in a landfill. In effect then, the problem is being transferred initially to a different location in your home (hold your breath!), only later to be deposited in a landfill at great long-term expense to the public. Enzyme and bacterial green cleaning products offer a solution to degrade the automotive fluids safely and effectively. The problem is solved (or “dissolved and degraded”) at home and can be washed away with a little normal dish detergent and water.

Green cleaning products using enzymes can also be used in pools and spas. They emulsify and digest skin oils, suntan lotions and other organic contaminants, keeping the water clear and eliminating the host environment or substrate that would allow the algae to grow. Using enzymes in this way enhances a healthy lifestyle by reducing the amount of chemicals, such as chlorine, needed to keep the water clean and in turn helps to diminish the side effects of using those chemicals such as stinging, watery eyes and itchy dry skin. Plus, the use of an enzyme-based green cleaning routine assists in keeping the filter lines clear and by following this green approach can save the consumer money and time.

Another use for a green cleaning system involving enzymes and bacteria that isn’t commonly known is as soil conditioners for lawns and gardens. Using fertilizers yearly is, simply put, a waste of time and money – and can impact a healthy lifestyle in a negative way. This is not to mention the run-off that goes into the streams, rivers and lakes that supply drinking water. By using a soil conditioner (enzymes and surfactants derived from bacteria), you can aerate and oxygenate the soil in turn, breaking down the complex nutrients, feeding the plants and grass by making the nutrients easily assimilated by the roots.

Enzymes are created naturally in the human body, animals, plants, and bacteria. Nature has been using them for billions of years, and now we know how effective and safe they can be for our day-to-day lives. So the next time you are shopping, take the time to read some labels and educate yourself about safe, natural cleaning products. With so many ‘green cleaning’ products becoming available, you are sure to find what you need to complement your healthy lifestyle.

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