Upper Body HIIT Workout

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The Upper Body HIIT Workout

When it comes to HIIT the key to success is your effort. You will work as hard as possible for 20 seconds. After that, you’ll need to rest for 10 seconds before moving on to the next exercise. For a total 8 repetitions, repeat the sequence.


[20 seconds for each, 10 seconds between. Repeat this 2x

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1. Push-Ups

  1. A) Start in a plank with your hands under your shoulders, your legs extended behind you, and your body contracted to keep the spine straight.
  2. B) Bend your elbows slightly so that your elbows point slightly back. Slowly lower yourself until you are just above ground. Your gaze should be directed over your fingertips. Keep your body straight.
  3. C) Inhale and tighten your stomach. Then, push yourself up into a plank position. This is just one repetition.

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2. Push-Up Jacks

  1. A) Start in a plank position, with your shoulders above your wrists and your feet together.
  2. B) Lower your feet to do a pushup, and then jump up to widen your feet. Keep your abs straight and your back tight.
  3. C) To return to the beginning, jump your feet together and straighten your arms.

3. Punching

  1. Stand slightly wider than shoulder distance apart with your feet and bend your knees slightly. To keep your trunk stable, tighten your core.
  2. B) At a steady pace, punch out one arm at at time.

4. Plank Jacks

  1. A) Start in a plank position, with your shoulders above your wrists and your feet together.
  2. B) Jump your feet wide, but keep your buttocks low. This is similar to a jumping jack. Your feet should be firmly bonded together.

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[20 seconds for each, 10 seconds between. Repeat this 2x

1. Kicks and Dips

  1. A) Start by sitting down on the ground with your feet about hip distance apart in front. Place your arms behind your back, your hands flattening on the ground and your fingers facing your glutes.
  2. B) Lift your body off the ground and squeeze glutes and abs to keep it lifted.
  3. C) Bend your elbows behind your head, working your triceps while you kick your right leg into the air until it is straight. Switch legs and return to the beginning.

2. Crab Walk

  1. A) Start by sitting down on the ground with your feet about hip distance apart and your arms behind you, your fingers facing your hips. Raise your hips and tighten your abdominals.
  2. B) Start “walking” forward, moving your left hand first followed by your right foot, then your right hand and your left foot. Take four to five steps, depending on the space available. Then walk back. For the desired time, continue walking back and forth.

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3. Bear Walk

  1. Lie down on your back, with your hands behind you at shoulder width.
  2. B) Start crawling forward with your right hand, your left foot and your right hand. Follow this with your left hand and your right foot. Take four steps, or more depending on the space. Then turn around and bear-walk back.

4. Burpees

  1. A) Stand straight up in a plank with your arms and legs extended, your hands shoulder-distance apart.
  2. B) Jump or walk with both feet between your hands and do a low squat. Jump as high as you can, land, then return to your plank position.

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