11 Agility Ladder Drills that Burn Serious Calories

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1. Exercise Single Foot in Each Square Ladder

Alternating between each square, place one foot. Make sure you stand up and walk the entire length of the ladder.

This exercise is more efficient and effective if you can lift your knees higher than the ladder while running.

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2. Exercise: Two Feet in Each Square Ladder

Before moving on to the next square, place two feet in each of the following. For this agility ladder drill, you want to keep your feet on the ground and move quickly.

Similar to placing one foot in each square of the map, this move also requires you to pick up your knees. Look down the ladder with your high knees. This will increase your heart rate and allow you to move more freely.

3. Lateral Stepping Ladder Exercise

Your right foot should be ready to lead. Place two feet in each square as you begin to climb the agility ladder. Keep your feet on the ground and move slowly. You will reach the top of the ladder by keeping your hips forward and toes on the floor.

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4. Jumping Jack Feet Ladder Exercise

Jump 2 feet in front of each other within a square. Then, jump out and move down the ladder. To increase your heart rate, do regular jumping jacks. Keep your arms elevated by using your arms. As you lift your feet up, keep your feet on the ground.

5. In In Out Out Ladder Exercise

Start by placing your right foot in the square, then move to the left foot. Next, place your right foot in the square and then your left foot outside the ladder.

6. Lateral Carioca Ladder Exercise

Begin by standing on your left side of the ladder. Your left foot will be the leading leg. As you move to the next box, cross-step your opposite leg over your lead foot and step sideways.

7. Cross-Overs Ladder Exercise

One foot crosses the front and steps into square. Two feet step to the side, and then you continue down the ladder. As you go down the ladder, keep your foot on the square while keeping two feet to the sides.

You can speed up your pace by keeping your feet on the ground and allowing your hips to assist you with the pattern. This agility drill is fun and fast.

8. Icky Shuffle ladder Exercise

This is one our favourite agility ladder drills. Start on one side of your ladder. It doesn’t matter which side you start on, as you can do both sides. However, for our purposes we will be starting on the right side. Start by taking a lateral step with your left foot into the first square. Then, immediately move with your right foot.

Next, step laterally with your left foot to the left side. You will then be able to access the second box by using your right foot.

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9. Single Foot Hops Ladder Exercise

Start by standing on your left foot. Throughout the ladder, keep your left foot on the ground.

After you have reached the top of the ladder, you can return to your starting position by standing on your right foot. Then you can continue the same pattern with the opposite foot.

10. Side Shuffle Speed Ladder Exercise

Start on the right side. The right foot will always place itself inside every square, while the left foot will be outside.

Start by stepping in the first square with your inside foot. Follow the steps with the opposite foot (left).

11. Walking Push-ups Ladder Exercise

This is a full body agility drill. Begin in a high plank position with your shoulders directly above your wrists, and your legs extended behind you. Push your core into the ground and lower your lead arm to the top of a pushup. Once you reach the top of the pushup, you can walk your hands to the next two squares.

You can move laterally down the agility ladder and do a push-up for each square. You should take it slow to get the form right.

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Where to Find an Agility Stepper

Are you ready to start an agility training? You will need a ladder. You have several options to choose from if agility ladder drills are done correctly: a roll-out mat with plastic slats or a chalk-drawn one.

Prices for ladders vary depending on the variety, but I prefer the roll-out type. They are more stable and of higher quality.

You can make your own agility ladder with chalk or ducttape by creating boxes measuring 16×13 inches and making the ladder approximately 15 feet long.

It doesn’t matter if the dimensions are not exactly the same as the ones you would buy online. Move your feet up the ladder and get outside!

Try one of these ladder exercises as part of your next exercise. Do not expect to become an expert in the first attempt. Have fun, and keep going!


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