What is the best fitness apparel clothing manufacturer site?

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By JeffreyThurber

If you are running a sports clothing or a fitness apparel boutique and looking for a professional clothing manufacturer then you are at the right place. In this post, I will suggest you one good fitness clothing manufacturer for small businesses&statups and recommend you the best styles&types fitness apparel to wholesale in 2021.

What is a good Fitness Apparel Manufacturer?

The one that can balance the quality and price is your good fitness apparel manufacturer. Not only we pursue the quality, but the pricing of that sportswear supplier should be reasonable, otherwise, we can not make profits by selling the fitness wear.

The other thing is the style and fabric, fitness clothing is your wearing in a fitness center or in a gym, it has a special effect if you wear the right fitness wear in the activity. So the manufacturers can offer you stylish or trendy or fashionable clothing with quality fabrics with features such as dry fit, breathable and light-weight are the good ones.

The third factor is the MOQ, minimum order quantity, when you choose a fitness apparel supplier or manufacturer, they usually have the MOQ, the one that supports the lowest MOQ can be the good wholesale distributors for fitness clothing boutique owners and retailers. Because at the start of your business, you can’t invest a lot of money.

So quality, price, style, fabric, and order quantity, they are deciding your clothing manufacturer or wholesaler, to choose a good one from lots of offline and online fitness clothing suppliers, you should balance all of these elements.

Which is the best Fitness Clothing Manufacturer site in 2021?

One of the best fitness clothing manufacturers sites is Berunwear.com, it’s a Chinese clothing manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler, and factory with over 15 years of experience in the apparel industry. It’s mainly for customizing sportswear, activewear, team uniforms, athletic wear, gym clothes, and fitness clothing. From building supplying chains, designing your own garments, manufacturing clothes in batch to arrange shipping worldwidely, Berunwear takes everything in charge of your fitness wear wholesale order.

Its MOQ is the lowest market in the market, with customization, the MOQ is only 30 pieces of clothing. Its Turnaround time is 1 week, if you need the wholesale order urgently, Berunwear can finish the production in 2 to 4 days depends on the quantity. Its quality is 100% guaranteed, in Berunwear’s factory, it has a quality control department, before shipping, your order will be inspected 3 times at least. Its price is the reduced cost, Berunwear uses its own factory, no middlemen fees, and Berunwear decrease the fabric price as well because it gets fabrics and other clothing materials from 30+ long-relationship suppliers at the wholesale price.

All of the above makes Berunwear.com a cheap, quality, and efficient fitness clothing manufacturer site. To test its service by getting free sportswear samples, you can just email [email protected], they are ready for you every minute.

Top 8 Fitness Clothing Catalogs to Wholesale from Berunwear

Fitness sportswear clothing includes a lot of types, what are the most welcoming ones for consumers? After our research, they are the following 8 types of apparel. Each type of them you can wholesale and custom from Berunwear.com, they can show you their current stylish styles and print your logos or brands on the clothing. If you are not sure which type to start, I will recommend the Women’s Yoga Gear and Men’s Athleisure Apparel, they are the top trends in 2021.

  1. Group Cycling Apparel
  2. Barre Apparel
  3. Boxing Apparel and Accessories
  4. Dance Workout Must-Haves
  5. Indoor Rock Climbing Gear
  6. Women’s Yoga Gear
  7. Men’s Athleisure Apparel
  8. Women’s Athleisure Apparel

Best 8 Fitness Apparel Types to Wholesale in 2021

  1. Sports bra

Sports bras are a necessity among women’s fitness clothing, and there are plenty of fun options out there. First and foremost, you want something that will bring you comfort and support during your workout. Choose a moisture-wicking fabric and avoid bras that are 100 percent cotton. While you want your sports bra to be functional and comfortable, have fun with it too! Sports bras come in lots of bright colors and neat patterns, allowing for plenty of style and fashion. Stock up on plenty of different sports bras to cycle through your fitness clothing options.

  1. 2. Racerbacks

Racerbacks make a great tank top for hard-core bodybuilders and weightlifters alike. Whether you’re male or female, these sexy cuts showcase those strong shoulder and back muscles. You’ll be able to check your form in the mirror and see your muscles working as you push through a grueling workout. Another great thing about racerback tanktops is that they also work for a more casual look post-gym time. Certain styles of racerbacks style nicely with jeans and flip-flops.

  1. T-Shirts

While your closet is probably stocked full of t-shirts you’ve collected since high school, that fabric doesn’t always work as great fitness clothing. Not to mention, your high school logo probably isn’t the fashion statement you’re going for these days. You can find nice fitness t-shirts that are slim-fitting and meant for working out in. Whether you like v-neck or crew-cut, plenty of t-shirts today will make you look great while you’re getting your workout in.

  1. Sleeveless T-Shirts

Sleeveless t-shirts are great to exercise in. They can be stylish but also comfortable as they keep you from getting too hot. Women might like t-shirts with short sleeves or spaghetti straps. In any case, strapless tops or collar-neck tees aren’t suitable for a gym workout. For men, bro-tank style sleeves are a common favorite. Tees with the cutoff-sleeve look are awesome for bodybuilders.

  1. Longsleeve Shirts

Longsleeve shirts are great to include in your fitness wardrobe. Maybe you want something that covers your arms when you’re coming or going to the gym in the cooler months. Many people also like to train in long sleeves. Having sleeves on is nice when you’re warming up. Then you can ditch the top (with a tank underneath, of course!) as you get into your sweaty workout. Longsleeve shirts don’t only function as fitness clothing. They also make for a nice casual outfit. If you’re planning on running errands or stopping for lunch after your workout, a long sleeve shirt is a perfect outfit.

  1. Sweatshirts

When you think of sweatshirts, you don’t have to get the big bulky apparel that makes you want to be lazy and watch Netflix. You can find fitness sweatshirts that make you feel energized and ready to work out rather than plop on the couch.

Hoodies, zip-up jackets, and sweatshirts all make great, fashionable fitness clothes for both men and women. Thin zip-up hoodies make women feel sexy while working out. They are form-fitting and cling to your skin, keeping you warm but also making you look great.

For men, a hoodie or sweatshirt may be just what you need to help warm your muscles during your warmup reps. Sweatshirts can emphasize your frame and muscles, even more, establishing your presence right when you walk in the gym.

  1. Sweatshorts

Every guy needs a pair of sweatshorts in their gym bag. They’re every bit as comfortable as sweatpants but cool enough to get your sweat on. Sweatshorts have a tough-guy look to them that tells everyone in the gym you’re here to work. These are a nice alternative to mesh and nylon shorts. Sweatshorts not only give you a signature look, but they’ll give you the edge you need to crush it in your workout.

  1. Sweatpants

Sweatpants are a necessary piece of fitness clothing for any boxer or MMA fighter. With a pair of sweatpants, you feel confident in, you’ll go past that place of fear and be ready to fight. The right pair of sweatpants will give you a signature look, intimidating your opponent from the get-go.

Get a pair of sweatpants with a fashionable fit and feel. If you really want to intimidate people, get a pair of red sweatpants. Red fitness clothes or apparel is shown to give a competitor that vital edge, studies show.

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