Are You a Good Candidate for Tooth Implants And Are They Right For You?

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Are You a Good Candidate for Tooth Implants And Are They Right For You?

It is vital to restore missing teeth as they are a vital part of supporting the cheeks, lips and mouth. A change in facial appearance can result from missing teeth. A different Tooth Implant is the best solution to prevent this. This protects against the loss of bone both in the lower and upper jaws. It also supports facial appearance. Since the roots stimulate the bone, tooth loss can occur. Tooth Implants act similarly to natural tooth roots and help to stimulate the bone, ensuring that it can be preserved.

Tooth Implants are a stylish replacement tooth solution for anyone with missing teeth or a poorly fitting prosthetic. With the many types of Tooth Implants that are available, as well as the numerous options for implant dentistry that are available, you’ll be able to locate the best solution for your particular requirements and needs.

These questions can help you determine whether Tooth Implants might be right for your needs.

  • Do you have missing or one-more teeth?
  • Is your denture painful or lose?
  • Has your bridge resulted in the teeth that hold it in the place to decay or to degrade?
  • Do you ever get exhausted of not trying the food thoroughly?
  • Could it be hard to chew?
  • Do you dislike using denture adhesive?
  • Do you feel embarrassed by the condition of your smile?
  • Do you hate having to remove your teeth in order to clean them?
  • Are you concerned about the loss of jawbone when teeth are lost?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you owe it to yourself to research the benefits of Tooth Implants. Chances are, though, that you replied yes to some of these questions because they’re all frequently complained about by patients who suffer from missing teeth or with a traditional prosthetic that’s not lived up to the expectations.

How to determine Candidacy

Tooth Implant patients should be in good health. When you visit your dentist for an implant consultation The doctor will review your medical history, go over any medications you’re currently taking, and conduct an extensive dental examination. Implant surgery is only possible when you suffer from gum disease.

An X-ray or CT scan of your jaw will provide details on the density, mass, and depth. Bone grafts or sinus lifts can be used to increase the size of the jawbones. Different types of implants are also available – mini, the thin, and the short – to suit your jawbone structure.

Implant Success is affected by certain conditions

Certain health conditions and lifestyle choices impact the rate of success of Tooth Implants. However, if you are suffering from one of these ailments or have a habit listed below, that doesn’t mean you’re not eligible to receive Tooth Implants.

A lack of control over diabetes can slow down the body’s healing process. Implant placement is a surgical procedure. Delays in healing can affect the success of your implant. If you manage your diabetes through medication, you’ll enjoy a good long-term prognosis regarding the success and longevity of your implants.

Smokers should consider quitting before undergoing Tooth Implant surgery. Smoking can affect bone quality and delays healing. Although smoking cigarettes does not immediately make you eligible for implant candidacy but it could reduce the chances of success in the long-term.

Maintaining a healthy oral hygiene is crucial to your success. Proper brushing and flossing, along with regular visits to the dentist are essential for achieving a high degree of oral health that is compatible with implant success and will go a long way toward increasing the longevity of your implants. Implants can last for all the time when you take treatment of them.

Implant success could be affected by oral bisphosphonate drugs which are prescribed for treating osteoporosis. Patients who have had Tooth Implant surgery are often advised to stop taking these medications for a time.

* Teeth grinding or bruxism can cause damage to the implants and decrease the lifespan of replacement teeth.

Implant success isn’t contingent on age. However, Tooth Implants should not be recommended for patients younger than 18 years of age whose jawbone development and growth is not yet complete.


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