Immediate Load Teeth Implants: Have New Teeth in a Day

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Immediate Load Teeth Implants: Have New Teeth in a Day

Are you fed up with loose and ill-fitted dentures or missing teeth? Are you embarrassed because of missing, chipped or decayed teeth that make it hard to meet new people or attend public occasions? Do not worry. Teeth that are damaged or missing can be immediately replaced with new restorations and implantswithin a single day!

You can substitute one tooth or all your missing teeth by using instant charge Tooth Implants .

Although the standard teeth replacement procedure requires multiple procedures over the course of one year to place the implants and implant-related restorations, the latest techniques of teeth implantation allow you to walk out with beautiful teeth in only a few hours.

It’s also known as One-Day, Same Day, or Single Day Tooth Implants. This procedure drastically minimizes the time needed for tooth implant.

The entire procedure takes less than 10 hours and includes the removal of any broken or decayed teeth, placing the implant and then the insertion of a brand new set of teeth.

Clearly, you don’t need to wait for many months until the bone grows around the implanted root, and subsequently get your unsightly teeth replaced by implant-supported false teeth.


  • Instant Load Tooth Implants can be done quickly and efficiently. They can give beautiful smiles in just a few days.
  • The permanent crowns and bridges will be anchored on Tooth implants within one month.
  • It prevents further bone loss (atrophy) as well as gum recession.
  • It allows you to smile, chew and communicate quickly and confidence. It also provides a significant improvement in your ability to eat all types of food.
  • After the procedure you will have teeth that appear and feel so natural.
  • Once you have a while, the prosthesis become as strong as your natural teeth, and the jaw bone grows more dense.
  • Immediate load Tooth Implants are not affecting the adjacent teeth in any way. Therefore, your natural teeth are left untouched.
  • It removes the need for bone transplantation.
  • Following the surgery it is recommended to allow a short time for healing.
  • You can also get rid of any removable dentures or dental appliances which are uncomfortable.

Who are the candidates for the Office?

While the immediate load Tooth Implants are a more suitable alternative to conventional implants, removable dentures and dental bridges, they will not suit everyone. This kind of implant is suitable for those with bone health.

  • Tooth Implants are not recommended for patients who suffer from periodontal disease bone and/or inflammation at the implant location.
  • To be eligible for immediate load Tooth Implants, patients must be in good health. People with HIV diabetics, HIV, or lupus are not good candidate for the implants.
  • To allow Tooth Implants to work it is essential that you have good bone density and quality.

After-surgery Care

To allow immediate loading Tooth Implants’ dental hygiene procedure is exactly the same as natural teeth.

The teeth that have been replaced require the same attention like your natural teeth. Regular brushing and flossing is necessary to get rid of plaque that accumulates on the surfaces of the crown implant as well as between teeth.

  • Regular dental check-ups important for the long-term stability and security of your brand new teeth.
  • Dental hygiene is important around Tooth Implants and restorations to implants should be handled similarly to dental hygiene for the natural teeth.
  • Following surgery, you must be careful not to engage in any intense physical exercises or other activities.

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