The 12 Best Yoga Moves to Reduce Back Pain

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1. The Child’s Pose

Begin by laying on your hands and knees, and then move forward to the heels. To support the back, bring the big toes together. Keep the knees together.

The child’s position lengthens the spine and relieves tension in the neck, shoulders and neck. For additional relief, you can place a block under your forehead. This area can be returned to as many times as necessary.

2. Cat and Cow Pose

To get out of child’s pose, raise your hands to the knees and reach your hands. Cow: Lift your chin and lower the belly towards the mat. Next, look upward arching the tailbone upward. Then, look back at the thighs like a cat-back, dropping the tailbone down.

Slowly do this. Next, take a few deep breaths and move slowly into each pose. Inhale as you move into Cow Pose, keeping your tailbone up. Exhale into Cat Pose.

3. Dog that is downward facing

Lift your hips upwards and place your feet on the balls of your feet. Then, lower the heels toward the floor. You can also return to this position in between poses.

The downward dog strengthens and lengthens the legs. This is a great stretch for your hamstrings, which can lead to back pain. You can pedal your feet and twist your hips while rocking side-to-side.

4. Crescent Lunge On One Knee

Crescent lunge can open the hips and make a significant impact on the back. This is a great position for sciatica. Place your right foot between your hands. Place your foot just below your knee, so that the shin is vertical. To balance, you can place your hands on the mat or raise your arms above your head to open your chest and lengthen your spine.

You can add a twist by lifting your right hand with the left foot supporting the right foot. Rotate the chest towards the thigh or up. Twists can be used to increase spinal range of motion. You can also do the same thing on your left side, and then you can return to child pose or down dog.

5. Warrior 1

Place the right foot between your hands, bend the right knee and bring the back foot to the ground. Then lift your arms and body up and lower the back foot. Imagine bringing your back hip forward, so your hips align.

This causes some twists to the low back. Warrior 1 can be described as an energetic pose that improves balance and stability. Better posture can help to reduce back pain.

6. Triangle

Straighten your right leg, and then reach your right hand forward to reach the right leg. The contact can be made above the knee, on your shin, foot or floor. You may also use a block to place your hand near your front foot. The left arm is straight up, and the chest is facing to the side.

7. Revolved Triangle

Legs remain the same. Switch arms so that the left hand is facing the right leg, and the right is reaching for the right arm.

The revolved triangle pose improves balance by using the external and internal obliques. This pose activates your spine! Continue on the left side.

8. Locust Pose

Place your face on the belly, and raise your chest and legs off the mat. Reach your fingers behind you and place your arms at your sides. This activates the entire back.

The Locust position will lengthen and strengthen all the muscles that run along the spine.

9. One leg forward fold

As you sit, extend your left leg in front of yourself and bend the right knee. Fold your legs gently over your head. After three deep breaths, switch sides. This pose can cause inflammation in the hips and psoas, which can lead to significant stress on the back. Do not force it, just relax into the pose to release your spine.

10. Keep your chest open by bending your knees

Place your hands on your stomach and extend your arms out to the sides. This will have the same effect as a child’s pose, but without any impact on your knees. It turns and releases. For a gentle massage of the spine, you can gently rock from left to right.

11. Twist

Keep your knees bent, and then drop them to the right. Next, turn your head to left. After three to five deep breaths, switch sides. Twists reduce pressure in the lower back and increase spinal range of motion.

12. Supported Corpse Pose

Placing a blanket or pillow under your knees, place your arms side-by-side and lay down. This last pose, called savasana (or savasana), allows the body to absorb all the practices. Take a few deep breaths in stillness and let your mind relax.


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