10 Best Yoga Poses: Your Daily Yoga Routine

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Ten Yoga Poses to Do Every Day

1. Standing Side Bend

As you exhale, stand tall with your feet together.

As you lower your right arm to the side, exhale and extend your left arm above your head. Then gently bend your body to the right.

Exhale and return your arms overhead to the center.

2. Dog that is downward facing

Start by laying down on your back, kneeling down, and placing your hands under your shoulders. Spread your fingers wide.

As you lift your body off the mat, tuck your toes under. Engage your abdominals.

Your hands should be pressed into the ground.

3. Up Dog/Cobra

Start by lying on your back, with your head up and your hand under your shoulders.

Place your toes on the mat so that your tops are touching the floor.

Exhale and press your hands against the tips of your feet. This will raise your legs and body off the ground.

4. Crescent Lunge

Standing straight up, place your left foot on the mat. Your feet should be slightly wider than each other, as if you were standing on railroad tracks.

Straighten your arms overhead with both hands and bend your right knee 90 degrees.

Continue to relax your shoulders while you reach up and lengthen the back leg. For 30 seconds, switch sides.

5. Cat

Start by laying on your back, knees bent.

Begin by putting your spine in a neutral or long position. Next, tuck your tailbone down and lower your crown so that your back gently curves.

As you stretch, bring your navel to your spine.

6. Cow

Start by laying on your back, knees bent.

Begin by putting your spine in a neutral or long position. Next, gently lift your heart/tailbone until your back curves down. Focus on the lifting, not your back. Let the curve unfold naturally.

Relax your neck, look slightly up and take a deep breath.

7. Pigeon

Start in a plank position. Pull your right knee towards your right hand, tightening your abdominal muscles. Place your right foot as close as possible to your left hand.

Your back leg should be long. Keep your hips straight while you loosen your weight to the middle of your hips.

Hold your breath for 30 seconds. Switch sides and get back on the plank.

8. Happy Baby

Start by lying down on your back. Next, grab your big toes using your index and middle finger.

Toes should be pulled towards shoulders by gently drawing them down. Keep your elbows straightening your knees.

Breathe. Keep it going for 30 seconds.

9. Yogi Squat

Start on your feet and kneel down, tailbone between your ankles. Then pray at the chest with your hands.

Continue pressing your hands together, while simultaneously pressing elbows against the inner thighs.

For 30 seconds, hold the button down and breathe.

10. Windshield Wiper

Start on your back, knees bent, feet on the ground, arms extended outwards.

Place your left knee on the floor by lowering your knees. Look straight ahead and take a deep breath.

Engage your abdominals, and slowly return your knees to the original position.


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