Steven-Furtick Net Worth 2022

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Steven Furtick, a well-known pastor, stated that “Because your voice will determine what future you experience.” These are very inspiring words. His words, which he speaks from the blessings and grace of God, have made a difference in the lives of many people. His goal is to make a difference by sharing God’s message with us through the Bible, which was written by his followers.

He is multi-talented. You can read more about his life and skills. You will be amazed at how amazing he is.

Steven Furtick

He is an American Baptist evangelical Christian pastor. Along with that, he writes songs about God’s grace. Elevation Church, which is located in Charlotte, is also his creation. He is also a singer and pastor. His ministry includes helping those in need and preaching the gospel.

Family and Early Life

Larry Stevens Furtick was born in Moncks Corner South Carolina. He was raised in the same area and graduated from high school. He has a Bachelor’s degree in communications as well as a Master’s from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Holly Furtick is his wife and they have three beautiful children. Steven and his family currently reside in Waxhaw North Carolina. While he doesn’t speak often about his family, he does share some stories with his viewers during the streams and sessions he hosts.

His Career and Major Milestones

His career began in 2006, and he continues to preach and write. His books are a New York Times bestseller. He has been called “one of the kind leaders” by his followers. They say that he does a lot for them. He donated clothing, food, and furniture to families in need.

His career in music is also flourishing, as he writes and takes care of the church. His songs were often nominated for the GMA dove Awards and Grammy as song of the Year. The blessing, one of his hits, won the “worship recorded song of year” award.

Here are a few things you didn’t know about Steven Furtick

He never uses the salary he receives from The Church. He only spends the money he makes through his books.

He donates what he can to charity, and many sources say that he also donates his book earnings.

Net Worth

According to the most recent updates, his net worth is close to 55 million dollars. He doesn’t spend any of his money, but he does make a lot through books, social media and his church salary, which is set by the megachurch board. He does not have the right to vote on his salary, and that is fine with him.