Molly Yeh Net Worth 2022

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Molly Yeh claims that she puts her heart and soul into cooking. She is an American cookbook author and blogger. She hosts Girl Meets Farm, a cooking program on the food network.


Molly was the daughter of John and Jody in Glenview, Illinois. Jenna, her elder sister, is also a chef. Mia is her younger half-sister. She is half Chinese and half Jewish. She was part of two percussion ensembles in school and won two consecutive gold medals.

Family and Early Life

Molly was born May 1989. She is now 31 years old. Her parents were musically inclined, and her father founded a Chicago music company.

Nick Hagen, a professional Guatemalan footballer, is her happily married. Their baby girl Bernadette Rosemary Yeh Hagen is their daughter. She frequently posts about her on Instagram.

Major Milestones in her career

Molly didn’t start blogging professionally until she moved in with Nick. However, she started to take an interest in cooking and food when she first moved to New York. In 2009, she started a food blog while on vacation. She didn’t know it would become a full-time job.

Her blog was named the Food Blog of The Year. It was also featured in bestsellers such as The New York Times, New York magazine Food and Wine, Food and Wine, and Bon Appetit. In 2017, her book Molly on the Range: Recipes, Stories and a Memoir from an Unusual Life on a Farm was given the Judges’ Choice IACP Cookbook award. The New York Times also chose the book. It was named one of the most important books of 2016 in the fall.

Here are a few things you didn’t know about Molly Yeh

  1. Did you know that Mac and Cheese was her first recipe? When she moved to New York, she began to cook for friends and family. She thought of her mother, who loved to cook for special occasions. Slowly, she learned to cook mac and cheese.
  2. Molly Yeh can’t cook while there is background noise. While she cooks, she listens to pop and classical music. She will turn on her TV if there isn’t music. She seems to love a lively ambiance when she makes her dishes.
  3. Molly is still worried about her cooking abilities. C. Molly hates dry baked goods such as muffins or cakes. Even today, she still experiences failures in cooking. She fondly recalls her mother, who encouraged her to become a professional cook.

Net Worth

Molly Yeh has a net worth estimated at 9 million. Her cooking career is the main source of her income. The show Girl Meets Farm, however, is another source of steady income. Her Instagram followers number 520K and she earns a lot from her blogs.