How can steroid abuse react?

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By JeffreyThurber

When we hear about steroids, we also think about so many stories of steroid abuse and how they have reacted in a negative way for such usage. Depending on whom you ask, steroids could be a benefit or a danger. Some bodybuilders admit that steroid abuse is common and can be very risky. If you plan to use drugs for performance enhancement, you need to be mindful of the long term effects of the drugs.

Statistics of steroid abuse

The steroid abuse in bodybuilding is so common that National Institute of Drug Abuse listed it under forms of drugs abused consistently. Statistics show that steroid abuse start from adolescence and elevates by the time they are in high school.

We need to know what makes people take steroids. Well, steroids are appealing for a few reasons, for example, competitive advantage on the playing field, boosting strength and endurance, or speeding up recovery time after the injury.

When there are different factors in a play, like competition, getting desired spots in competitive sports, meeting statistics requirements, or trying to get noticed for professional reasons, people get tempted to steroids all the more.

The professional athletes are tempted by steroids, so will the amateurs who wish to improve their self-esteem and body image for incorporating steroids for fitness.

Steroids are illegal to buy and use at every setting outside medical terms and with doctor’s approval. However, it doesn’t stop people from buying from international resources and bodybuilding forums to get these products. As there is an unsupervised nature of steroid use outside of medical setting, there is risk of abusing steroids.

Dangers of steroid use

Abusing steroids is quite a problem and there are dangers that affect the body and mind of people when used without prescription. Every drug tends to give us some short-term effects. However, the long-term abuses can come from lack of studies and not knowing about the steroid’s take on your body.

Side Effects

There are several effects of steroids and these include fluid retention, liver damage, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, extreme irritation, severe acne, depression, aggression, mood swings, and more.

When you are not administered by doctors at a professional level, there is more risk of abusing steroids. These could be unattended sanitary health to overuse of drug dose. When you don’t follow a method or stay within a limit, you could take more than what your body can withstand. Steroid abuse can leave to risks of steroid abuse, risk of getting transmitted infection like hepatitis B or C or HIV/AIDS. There are no researches that show that higher doses of steroids would work better than the lower ones. However, this doesn’t reduce the frequency of steroid use.

The right way to use steroids is to ask doctors about it. There are fewer chances to get prescribed, but you might get to know what would be the ideal dosages for you. This way you could curb steroid abuse in bodybuilding and get more of the benefits.

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