Amazing Compound Hexadrone is a legal prohormone

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By JeffreyThurber

To give You Muscles and Strength

You want to add some muscles to your body without retaining any water? The name of one such compound that can do this for you is Hexadrone. It is also known as 6-chloro-androst-4-ene-3-one-17b-ol which is an androgen and helps in gaining a lot of muscles within your body. There are bodybuilders who want to gain dry muscles and also an increase in strength of the muscles. Then this is what you would need for the enhancement of muscles. The Hexadrone is ready to act and once you take it in the body, you will find it starts to react with the other elements to build up muscles.

Effects but fewer side effects

This compound will have a kinder effect on your liver and will also not convert to estrogen to give negative effects to the body.The compound has a ratio of anabolic to androgen at 300:80 and will work as an Al when you stack it with other prohormones. This Hexadrone is a legal prohormone and helps in adding lean muscles without retention of water. It also resists aromatization and so there is no chance to get gynecomastia. So you can go ahead and use it without any chance of side effects.

Dosage in regular life

When you want to take this magical potion, you must know the regular dosage. It should be 100mg for a day. The compound is good for a bulking cycle and it is taken as a dietary supplement in a divided dose of 50mg caps. When this is taken as capsules, you must go for a single 50mg capsule twice daily. This is for the regular dose but when it is taken for some time, you can go up to 150mg per day, if required. The recommended dose is 2 capsules in a day as it gives best results.

Stacking with other supplements

When one is taking this compound, one should go for on cycle support with any prohormone. It does not affect the organs but as it is processed with the help of the liver, on cycle is necessary for any user. The magical steroid is a prohormone and as such it is good for stacking. You can take it with methylstenbolone supplement to get perfect effect on muscle gaining. When you stack it with Promagnon supplement, it gives lean gains for re-composition. You will find Hexadrone to be a good partner with other stronger prohormones to give best result in muscle gain and strength accumulation.

Helps make muscles and strength

When you start using Hexadrone, you will find it works like harsh androgens that are in the market. Though its effects are stronger, it does not affect the liver and has got much lower toxicity level. Negative side effects are almost none but you should take PCT or proper cycle therapy as it is a prohormone for your body. It is good for men over 21 years and is good when stacked with wetter compounds for cutting or bulking. The Hexadrone is a legal prohormone that is safe and mild for building up size and strength. The news that it can be stacked easily with other similar compounds brings smile to the faces that were trying to find something similar for a long time.

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