Ed Bolian Net Worth 2022

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Ed Bolian, the founder of VINwiki, will be instantly recognized by car enthusiasts. Ed Bolian’s innovative idea was to create a social vehicle report platform that would share the story of each car. VINwiki is estimated to have a sales value of between 1 and 5 million dollars.

The owner of a successful start up is bound to have a lot of wealth. Let’s look at his life in the beginning and see what he accomplished to discover the secret to his success.

About Ed Bolian

VINwiki, which allows users to view the entire history of a car’s model, was founded by Ed Bolian. Ed owned a company called Great White Reptiles that used to breed albino Iguanas. He then started Supercar Rentals, an exotic car rental business. VINwiki was born out of his love for cars.

Family and Early Life

Ed Bolian studied Public Policy at Georgia Institute of Technology. He was a wild student who disrupted lectures all over campus.

Bolian wanted to own his own car rental business since high school. Supercar Rentals was initially located in Los Angeles, but he eventually moved to Atlanta where it has been a huge success.

Bolian sold his 2000 Audi S4 custom-built to start his business. Bolian used the money to move forward with his business model.

Bolian was never satisfied with his education and continues to pursue business-related courses to increase his knowledge.

Ed and Megan live in Alpharetta, Georgia with their son Graham. The family is active in social activities and contributes regularly to charities.

Major Milestones and Careers

These are the major milestones in Ed Bolian’s career.

Ed was the owner of Great White Reptiles, which specialized in breeding albino iguanas. Every single Heterozygous for Albino Iguanas was represented by the company, and they even participated in research projects.

In 2006, he founded Supercar Rentals, Inc, an exotic car rental business. The stock included everything from Porsches to Land Rovers. The inventory was sold by Ed in 2010.

Ed was a Lamborghini dealer for six years and helped make the Georgia outlet number 1 in many criteria, including sales volume.

Ed created VINwiki, a revolutionary website that allows people to record the history of cars all around them. VINwiki is highly rated on both the Apple App Store (Google Play Store) and the Google Play Store.

Here are a few things you didn’t know about Ed Bolian

Like most successful people, Ed Bolian is an interesting individual. Here are some facts about Ed Bolian that you may not have known:

  • Sunny the LamBoa is his boa constrictor.
  • He loves mentoring Alpharetta’s youth.

He is a regular church attendee, and contributes regularly to the Alpharetta Baptist Church’s volunteer programs.

He loves comedy and won a college comedy award.

Ed Bolian’s Net Worth

Through his innovative ventures, Ed has amassed a fortune of $5million. VINwiki, his company, is worth approximately 2 million dollars. VINwiki receives around 20 000 unique visitors each month and this will continue to increase its value.