What to Look for in a Thai Restaurant in Singapore

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Thai restaurants have become very popular these days in Singapore. This isn’t just because the cuisine has transformed into a fad; it is more about people from all over the globe are starting to recognize its unique way of cooking. Thai food is never simple even at first glance, and it becomes more interesting to explore once tasted. Thus, when you are scouting for Thai food outside its home turf, you have to settle only for the best.

But how do you find the best Thai restaurant in Singapore? Below are some really useful tips:

  1. It must have Pad Thai as a staple.

You know you are in one of the best Thai diners when you are offered Pad Thai. The ever-popular rice noodle dish, Pad Thai is known for its sweet-savoury aroma and the mix of peanuts, lemon zest, tofu, chicken and seafood meat for sauce and toppings. Pad Thai comes in a wide array of variants, thus the restaurant you’re in should be able to offer you more than one kind.

Pad Thai has become the flagship dish of Thai cuisine in restaurants all over the world, and sometimes the taste can be generic. That is why you have to look for a diner that offers the dish in its different forms, as this shows that you are getting something authentic and not standardized.

It is also a plus if the restaurant offers Pad See Ew, also a fat rice noodle dish. It falls more under the savoury type, and has a darker colour due to the soy sauce mixed with the noodles. Pad See Ew is cooked with chicken, bokchoy, and eggs. The noodles can be a bit stickier compared to Pad Thai, but tastes just as scrumptious.

  1. The Tom Yum should be on the menu too.

The best Thai restaurant in Singapore always has Tom Yum on its menu. This clear spicy soup is well known for invigorating any one’s senses upon the first sip. The strong aroma of hot, sweet, and sour tastes is produced through the mix of kaffir lime leaves, lime juice, chilli peppers, fish sauce and lemon grass soaked in meat broth.

While Tom Yum soup can be served as is, you can also choose to have meat in it. Popular choices are chicken and seafood, such as shrimp and squid.

  1. Massaman Curry.

Yes, there is curry in Thai cuisine too. You may want to try the Massaman curry, which is a staple in Southern Thailand but has since been part of various Thai restaurants across the globe. It is of Muslim origin, and this dish includes coconut milk, potatoes, cardamom, palm sugar, cinnamon, bay leaves, and roasted peanuts or cashews. Other seasonings used are tamarind sauce, fish sauce, and chilli peppers.

The nutty flavour of this type of curry is what makes the dish unique, and it can be served with chicken, beef, or lamb. It is a totally hearty meal and its strong flavour can be balanced out by a serving of steamed white rice.

  1. Cha Manao

While this isn’t really a dish, Cha Manao is a beverage that offers Thailand’s way of serving tea. It is a type of dark tea mixed with lime and sugar, and is best served cold. At first glance, this beverage looks like the typical iced tea, but it comes with a strong flavour of the dark tea leaves and likewise gets you energized by the time you finish the glass.

  1. Som Tam

Not everybody likes Som Tam, but if you are after authentic Thai food, then this should be a must-try. Som Tam is a dish consisting of shaved young papaya and mixed with peanuts, carrots, string beans, tomatoes, palm sugar, chilli peppers, and fish sauce. It can be very hot and spicy, but this dish is a staple in every Thai dinner serving as an appetizer.

The Best Thai Food You Can Eat



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