Interactive Trading Education

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Most investors who turn to books are overwhelmed by information that is usually outdated before the ink dries. While books can be an excellent resource for learning the basic jargon, they rarely provide you with easy-to-understand, actionable investing tips, and definitely don’t provide the hands on, active instruction that we as humans learn from the best.

With Intellisticks, you can combine the solid fundamentals from books with the personal guidance of an experienced trading coach. Also, outstanding combination is taken to the next level by using technology to transform static trade examples into interactive historical trading tests. It can take your new Interactive Trading Education and put it to the test by trading alongside your favorite investment mentor.

Benefits of Intellisticks include:

  • Learning from verified expert
  • Automated expert feedback
  • Simulated trade against real historical data
  • No risk of losing money while learning
  • Access to library of written educational resources
  • Choosing from hundreds of courses and trading strategies to fit your trading style

Intellisticks is built for the new investor who wants to learn the best trading tactics and strategies without risking their own money and making costly mistakes. Intellisticks helps aspiring traders and investors learn how to intelligently and successfully invest in the Stock, Forex, and Crypto markets, using historical trading simulations, combined with the automated guidance of a seasoned trading mentor — for a fraction of the cost of a traditional one-on-one coach.

Intellisticks course offerings provide a practical, yet revolutionary approach that combines one-on-one coaching feedback with more affordable DIY learning. Using Intellisticks, aspiring investors start by selecting from one of dozens of top investment coaches who have authored best-selling books and courses on Stock, Forex, or Crypto trading. After learning strategies taught by our coaches, students can bring those lessons to life by making trades using the strategies recommended by their favorite trading master, in a simulated environment.


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