How To Compose Graduation Announcements And Invitations

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By JeffreyThurber

Graduation is a significant event in a person’s life. It marks the work and their achievement they put in to get a graduation. School, college or whether high school, it is vital to send out graduation announcements to family and your friends . You can take the opportunity to inform them of this event, especially by sending these statements. It a courteous gesture to send medical graduation invitations to them.

Graduation Invitations Or Announcements?

Upon picking your graduation invitations or announcements, it’s time to word the invitation. Determine if the card is an invitation to the graduation ceremony or an announcement to notify your contacts of the graduate’s achievement, before penning down your words. The words do not always need to be innovative; you may decide to write words or something imaginative. It’s your choice. Include any words which praises their work in addition to another statement of the graduate’s accomplishments.

Whether you’re sending out graduation announcements or invitations, be certain you mention that the graduate’s name, the faculty and the specialization or major of the grad. For invitations, make certain to mention time, that the date and the place of the graduation services. The wording of the graduation

Assembling The Graduation Cards

As soon as you get your order of graduation announcements or invitations, spend enough time assembling the cards together with the envelopes and writing down the addresses on the envelopes. Just like any mail, be certain that you write the addresses of the recipients and the names and legibly for the post office and the mail man. Graduation invitations include an inner envelope and an outer. The bigger of the two is that the mailing envelope, while the smaller slides to the bigger one and comprises the invitation card. Address your contacts since a graduation is an official event.

When To Post

Email your cards based on whether they’re graduation announcements or invitations. They may be sent after the graduation ceremony if they’re announcements or a couple days. Post your cards much beforehand to give them time if inviting family and your friends to the service or graduation dinner. Giving graduation invitations out does not offer time to plan to the attendees. Even if your invitations are delayed, it’s still a feeling for your recipients to understand that they have been found worthy to attend the occasion.

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