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By JeffreyThurber

Today psychology fitness rapidly developing field of sports psychology. The subjects of its study identify patterns of expression and the formation of psychological mechanisms in the motor activity of people engaged in physical activity.

The main tasks of the psychology of fitness:
o effectiveness of training through formation of motor skills;
o create the psychological conditions for achieving high levels of strength, endurance, agility movements;
o development of specialized types of perception (sense of time, distance, voltage);
o arbitrary mental regulation during training;
o Formation of personality in stride time physical work, when dealing with a coach.

Fitness – a new reality
Today fitness firmly entrenched in the reality of successful people. Throughout the world over the last 10-15 years there was a unification concepts such as fitness – health – beauty – success. And successful people who prefer to see their life as a process of investment – Investment of money in their own health – is one of the key standards. Confident people – is not only a person who has received good education, prestigious job, but man has personable and above all good health.

Despite the fact that the word comes from the fitness English “to be fit”, which means “to be in the form, there are many others to meet needs that realized the man was coming into the fitness room. What are the main motives Fitness Facilities? Reducing excess weight, maintaining good physical fitness, stress reliever. Large number of people comes the hall to find an interesting circle of friends, and as a business, and personal.

Fitness – one of the ways to prolong their lives fill it with happiness
In addition to stress, which influences the development of many diseases, fitness activities increase the efficiency, increase energy, strength and flexibility. During the sessions, people improve their concentration, increases stamina, are more chance to win life’s difficulties. The study also shows Fitness Training that significantly reduces the risk of certain diseases and physical problems such as osteoporosis, heart disease and bouts of diabetes in adults.

In a good club team coaches, as well as its atmosphere, combining the spirit of competition, the joy of movement, capturing the energy Life will not leave one indifferent, and a fresh force to watch on the usual stereotypes of communication. A person included in a new rhythm and remembers the forgotten sensation of your muscles, your body, ease movements, memories specific to his youth. There is a peculiar age regression, and it happens at an unconscious level, at the level of movement and emotion. They leave laziness, apathy, bad mood.

Adept fitness constructs a new reality, which saves him from everyday routine and stress. The combination of monolithic generality, elation, vitality, courage – the indispensable attribute of a good fitness club, a team that likes its case.

Fitness Trainer – conductor of the new thinking
Leading place in the fitness industry belongs to the instructor. From his professional training directly related satisfaction client, and hence the success and profits of the club. You can ask a question – Which the client expects from a personal trainer? Most people respond this question: “Knowing how to make sure that I had good results and the physical form.”

Good trainers focus on the fact that possible to share his extensive professional knowledge, explain human beings are not only are the workouts, but principles of functioning of the human body in the process of loading and recovery.

Personal trainer must be a kind of “personal physician, the client must know not only his individual characteristics, tastes, habits, physical capabilities, but be trustee and psychologist. Diploma of sports education is minimum level necessary for a personal trainer. In addition to a diploma, a person must possess, first of all, not only open-minded and talented teacher, but also the personal human charm.
Technology reprogramming of unhealthy behaviors

Despite the good understanding of fitness, people need make great efforts to achieve fitness goals and support progress level. Sometimes the problem is a lack of knowledge about effective healthy habits, in other cases, people need help in change their lifestyle and avoiding unhealthy behaviors. Fitness Training involves the expansion of thinking, the development of its flexibility. What people want from training is the result coherence and consistency characteristics of the body active communications between mind and body.

The main difference between fitness, for example, gymnasts, lies in the fact that a person who comes to an expensive club wants to be healthy not only physically, but mentally, and perhaps even spiritually. This requires a revision of many beliefs and habits that, in general will Rights to a new system of thinking. For example, to achieve good results should be reviewed food. A healthy, balanced diet leads to the strengthening of the heart, cardiovascular system, reduce body fat, strengthen muscles, strengthen bone tissue, and most importantly allows you to consolidate the training effect, making it visible. But if people will understand the importance of a healthy nutrition, and thus will not make though any steps to implement Prescriptions coach – the result will not be. Consequently, important function of a coach is to help dismantle the old cognitive attitudes and behavior engaged in, and then keeps it in the new models, corresponding to its new purposes.

Being fit also means having a healthy approach to life and a confident approach to life. All of these components fitness should support each other in order to ensure satisfaction client’s needs. Central role for the coach, who provides support, assistance, motivates, inspires, indicates towards a healthy lifestyle.

A successful fitness trainer works not only on the physical, but also on the psychological (mental) level. In addition to the aspects of fitness, associated with the establishment of a working environment training (which deals client), the technique of various exercises (what to do), coach raises questions, forming a new lifestyle. There formation of new beliefs, adjustment of the old, hindering the client, possible not only in the hall, but also in life. In the process of training clients if you do not change their values, then add to them a significant block associated with health. Such changes in the thinking of transforming person’s identity, changing his identity.

Thus, in addition to coaches work related with the correction of body and choice of proper nutrition, should be good students and advisors on a variety of issues, acting for their clients.

New mentality
Achieving success in any field involves the use of not only physical but also mental human abilities. Prepare yourself mentally for the successful implementation task, the goal – the essence of mental training successfully used in many professional sports athletes.

Psyche trainees must meet as load, and be adequate to the challenges that are adept fitness set it. The latter includes the attitude, confidence to the coach and myself, the ability to effectively concentrate in physical labor, working with obstacles and setbacks, and so furthermore.

In order for people to successfully achieve the desired fitness goals, as indeed in any activity, they should to develop their mental capabilities. Many trainers may tell you that the hardest training – this training the brain.

Some key such training:

o setting achievable goals;
o increased motivation stride;
o self-organization activities;
o provide methods by which You can change old habits with new behaviors associated with fitness and healthy nutrition.

Without a change in mindset in stride rights impossible to achieve high results in fitness. One of the main as a good coach – a systemic view of the processes around the man, whom he trains. This should include such microsystem that affect the psyche of trainees, as work, family, food, values and goals directly, not associated with fitness goals, but the pressure exercised on them. Coach who is able to take into account many factors such helps a person in the beginning classes to adapt to new physical activity, and then move those objectives that will be relevant to him.

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