Forget Boiling, Try This Bizarre New Trick for Cooking Eggs Instead

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Delicious, nutritious and super-simple to make, hard-boiled eggs are an easy go-to snack or healthy breakfast option. But when we bite into their core, the egg yolk has often been cooked too long or too little, leaving much to be desired.

Fear no more, egg-lovers! Alexis Kornblum of Lexi’s Clean Kitchen discovered the perfect cooking trick to ensure your hard-boiled eggs are delicious every single time. Her comprehensive graphic takes you through her genius process, which includessteaming eggs rather than dropping them directly into a boiling pot of water. Kornblum says that this technique is used to cook the eggs evenly.

She also places the cooked eggs into an ice bath directly after to ensure they peel easily.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Place 1 inch of water into your boiling pot.
  2. Insert steamer basket into that same pot.
  3. Cover the pot and bring to a boil.
  4. Add desired number of eggs into the steamer, cover and cook for 6 minutes (soft-boiled) or for 11 minutes (hard-boiled).
  5. Immediately remove and place eggs into a bowl of ice-cold water.

Kornblum suggests many uses for these protein-packed snacks, including egg salad, a salad topper, on-the-go snack, deviled eggs and in a sandwich/open-faced sandwich.

Whichever you prefer, this technique will almost certainly come in handy.




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