5 Standout Reasons You Need a Party Planner

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By JeffreyThurber

Planning a party may be an exciting activity for some people, but it isn’t for everybody. Some people may have the knack to plan a party but don’t have time to oversee the details, while there are those who are just not into planning at all. If you happen to fall on either (or both) category, then you will definitely have to hire a party planner for your upcoming celebration.

Having a party planner on board helps you cope with the stress of organizing a gathering. You have someone who is trained to do all the tasks under party planning, and you are able to sit back, relax, and in essence, wait for the big day as it comes close.

But why do you have to trust your party to someone you don’t even know? Here are five standout reasons to think about:

  1. You are able to save money.

At first glance, people think that hiring a party planner is an additional costing compared to organizing the event on their own, but the truth is you are able to save money in the long run with such person on board.

One valuable quality of every party planner in Singapore that regular people don’t have is the connections. They have a network of vendors, suppliers, and other related services that they can use whenever they have events to organize, and they can score good deals and discounts for you. Rather than doing all the purchases on your own (which you may get at spiked up prices because you didn’t negotiate), the planner will be in charge of securing everything you need for the party at the most reasonable rates.

  1. You are saved from the stress.

Party planning can be very stressful, especially when you are not skilled for the task. The logistical aspects alone are already challenging, as you have to visit event venues, and canvass and shop for supplies. Added to that are tasks related to selecting and inviting guests, following up on their RSVPs, and assuring that they are happy and safe throughout the party.

On the other hand, if you have a planner with you, you need not touch on every task anymore, and just give your opinion on some details you find important (such as decorations and party themes).

  1. The planner makes sure your guests will arrive.

Another solid reason to hire a party planner in Singapore is that you have someone to rely on when it comes to following up with your guests. The planner will be in charge of sending the invitations, following up on the RSVPs, and providing you with updates regularly on who has confirmed, declined, and have not yet responded to the invites.

In case your event is more like an open party where everyone may come and join, the planner will likewise take on the task of publicity and promotions to make sure that you will get the greatest number of attendees.

  1. Everything is kept organized with a planner on board.

Party planners have mastered the skills of organization. They know the sequencing of tasks and events, timelines for specific activities, and the people and establishments to contact for each type of party necessity. They know where to find everything you need for the party, including alternative solutions in case your top choices don’t work out. And they make sure that everything is accomplished within their specific timeframes.

So yes, by working with a party planner, you are able to avoid a messy set of tasks, and you are assured that all these are accomplished way ahead of your scheduled extravaganza.



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