Cooking For One – An Opportunity, A Turning Point and A Challenge

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By JeffreyThurber

Even for some of the experienced cooks, cooking for one may seem a bit hassle, less fun and is often wearisome. Some like the idea and others prefer it as “something different”. Whatever reason why people has to adapt to cooking for one, which demands the adjustment of cooking practices into a streamlined plan of more efficient and less expensive meals, should you learn to accept it as a challenge, or a boring thing?

Whatever you fancy, we continue seeing more and more recipes, cookbooks and internet cookery websites that are enthusiastic about this aspect of cooking. This means one thing, that the different cooking techniques and flavor in every dish reflects the personality of the cook. Cooking for one can be sensitive as it touches something about the food’s flavor, texture, ingredients, and temperature that a cook wants to transmit for a particular meal in a particular occasion.

Cooking for one may be an opportunity to try new and exciting cuisines. It can also be a turning point of dedicating yourself to preparing delicious and healthful dinners that you can think of. What is good about this cooking aspect is the fact that it isn’t quite as expensive as cooking for two, three, four or more. This means that you can save some money in the grocery budget with which you can use in planning the next dishes you have in mind.

One thing you may want to remember however is a list of things to consider when cooking for one. Preparing foods that are freezable, cooking in the full 2 or more servings, and freezing the unused food in single serving packs to be used at a later point of time can save you both time and money. This is also a good idea of having a freezer full of foods for those times you will feel like cooking is impossible. Doing all the work once will allow you to enjoy the fruits of your efforts again and again.

Regardless of what situation, there is no reason why you should not enjoy a satisfying meal. Simply because you are dining alone doesn’t mean it should also go with an uninteresting disposition. There are many recipes and cookbooks that are designed around the concept of cooking for one. If you are the adventurous cook, you can even discover innovative ways of cooking that can bring you a more fabulous meal. Bear in mind that there is no harm in enjoying a wonderful meal with a glass of wine and relaxing music whether you are cooking for one or one hundred.

One thing to help you get the inspiration to cook for one is to remember that you are what you eat. If you demote yourself to boring meals and moods that lack the luster of spices, then that is what you will become. But if you decide to work things out by trying exciting food and happy eating, it will allow you to show the way you embrace life that helps express yourself in a more positive way. While we should not just live to eat, we should also not limit ourselves to eating to live. It is essential to enjoy the food we prepare and the way we have cooked it.

You can even make things fun by using the right cooking and kitchen utensils of your personal taste. The color, shapes and sizes will help keep your spirits high when creating fantastic meals. A good recipe is another tool, but you don’t need to invest in great cookbooks that relate to cooking for one. Make the adventure of looking for recipes online, asking from friends, visiting your public library for some tips and resources, or by enrolling in a cooking class. You will enjoy the many different foods from the simplest soup to the most exotic cuisine. It will not just spice up things around you but will lead you to discover the treasures of great food, even when cooking for one.

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