Choosing Your Ice Machine

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By JeffreyThurber

Why purchase an ice machine?

An Ice maker is an necessary item of business cooking area devices and also business restaurant devices for a food service business. Ice equipments are low-cost and also simple to operate and also preserve. Buying an ice maker is a beneficial acquisition.

Guidelines you should use when choosing the best ice machine for your business.

  • Size
  • Ice type
  • Cooling system type
  • Condenser type
  • Reliability
  • Other (miscellaneous)

Size of your ice machine: When selecting the ideal dimension ice maker, think about the space you have available for the device and also the quantity of ice your business utilizes yearly. Remember, you will need to make extra ice in the summer time and also on weekends. Purchase an ice maker that meets your peak making demands. End your ice maker acquisition by examining the major and also minor details. Base your final choice on your current business circulation and also a possible business increase also. Assess the spec sheets offered each ice maker and also carefully testimonial production charts.

  • Overview:
  • Space
  • Annual usage
  • Peak usage
  • Choose over-production instead of under-production
  • Review spec sheets

What kind of ice is suitable for your business kind? Kinds: Ice equipments create 3 various sorts of ice including various dice sizes and also designs in addition to flaked or nugget ice.

1. Cubes: Cube ice are available in two sizes; half dice or whole dice. Specification sheets give info concerning the dimension of the dices an ice maker creates. Considered one of the most popular ice making equipments, dice equipments make a strong dice that thaws slowly. Complete dice ice equipments and also half dice ice manufacturers are suggested for carbonated drinks, mixed drinks, ice retail, buffet and also ice dispensing.

2. Flakes: Flake ice manufacturers create little, hard littles ice. Flakes quickly awesome foods and also drinks all the while creating reduced production costs. An exclusive quality of flakes is they can be easily built right into any form. Flakes are best utilized for buffet, fish and shellfish, meat, create, combined cocktails, and also for medical facility use.

3. Nuggets: Nugget ice manufacturers create a flexible, chewable distinctive ice that provides optimum cooling effect for drinks. Acquiring an agitator set is critical for a nugget ice maker since the ice can melt and also stick and also trigger obstructing. Nugget ice’s suggested use is for combined drinks, carbonated, drinks, buffet, create and also medical facility use.

Which Cooling System is best for you, your business and the environment? There are two types of cooling systems:

  • Air cooling machines
  • Water cooling machines

An Air cooling machines: are simple and easy to mount and also inexpensive to attain, operate and also sustain. The air cooling system works by utilizing air and also water temperature. They likewise need more space to operate in order to avoid getting too hot. Air cooled down business ice manufacturers are environmentally friendly and also the food service sector has considered this brand-new system a key advancement. Water cooled down equipments: on an industrial level this system is more dependable and also resourceful but it is likewise more pricey to operate since it utilizes more water. Water cooled down equipments create much less warm and also will not influence your room temperature substantially neither do they require as much space for optimum performance to be achieved. On the whole, if you have restricted space for an ice maker it is most hassle-free to go with the water-cooling system.

Condenser: Remote System device The remote system unit is resourceful for bigger equipments that create greater than 800 lbs every 1 day. The remote system performs ideal when it is placed on the roof of a structure in order to lessen the amount of noise and also warm it exerts.

 Dependability What business cooking area dealers are leading the sector in ice maker stability? Manitowoc ice equipments and also Scotsman ice manufacturers are one of the most dependable in the sector according to current service records.

  •  Other considerations What ice machine capacity and design fits your needs?
  • Models
  • Connections
  • Plumbing
  • Energy efficiency
  • Standard Features
  • Key Kitchen Applications
  • Maintenance Requirements
  • Food Safety & Sanitation Essentials
  • There are two types of ice machine models:
  • Floor models (large)
  • Under-counter models

Floor-model ice manufacturers are the larger of the two and also create anywhere from 300 to 2,000 lbs of ice daily. They balance around 25″ in elevation and also array from 22″ to 48″ large. Floor designs offer the alternative of stacking; increasing daily production. Undercounter ice manufacturers create anywhere from 100 to 200 lbs daily. Undercounter ice maker designs typically suit spaces that are 35″ to 40″ high. Updated designs of kitchen counter nugget ice manufacturers create larger amounts of ice while counting on a smaller sized amount of storage ability giving remarkable performance. For services that require larger ice production prices, an ice dispenser is essential. Alternatives for giving include ice, water or ice and also water in one. These high-capacity designs can create anywhere from 1,450 lbs. to 1,880 lbs. of ice cubes daily. Essential consideration: Prior to purchasing your ice maker, measure your doors, hallways and also general installation space for ensured product comfort. When determining these measurements, include an added 5 to 8 inches for clearance space over, behind and also on all sides.

Connection features What types of connections do ice makers require?

  • Electrical
  • Water

Electric and also water connections beside your flooring drain have to be within 6 feet of your ice maker. Ice equipments are available in a variety of voltages to satisfy your ice manufacturing needs. Ordering the ideal voltage is a critical action in order to satisfy local, state and also national codes and also legislations. What are the Pipes Demands for an ice maker? Ice equipments need to be connected to a cold water supply and also have alternating drain lines for the maker and also container. It is essential to manage the temperature of the water that goes to your ice maker device; the lower the water temperature the far better the ability of ice production. Water temperature levels should not exceed 90 levels F.

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