Benefits of Shilajit

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What is shilajit?

Shilajit is a tacky substance found chiefly in the stones of the Himalayas. It grows over generations by the slow decomposition of crops.

Shilajit is widely utilized in ayurvedic medicine. It is a powerful and safe supplement which may have a beneficial impact on your general wellbeing and well-being.

Here’s a look at eight ways to use shilajit.

Benefits of shilajit for human

  1. Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive brain disease that leads to problems with memory, behaviour, and believing. Drug therapies are available to increase symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. But according to the molecular makeup of shilajit, many investigators consider shilajit may stop or slowTrusted Source the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

The principal part of shilajit is the antioxidant called fulvic acid. This effective antioxidant results in cognitive health in preventing the accumulation of tau protein. Tau proteins are still a very significant part your nervous system, however a buildup can cause brain cell damage.

Researchers feel the fulvic acid within shilajit can prevent the abnormal buildup of tau protein and decrease inflammation, possibly enhancing Alzheimer’s symptoms. But more study and clinical trials are necessary.

  1. Low testosterone level

Testosterone is a main male sex hormone, however a few guys have a lower degree compared to others. Indications of low testosterone include:

a low sex drive

hair loss

loss of muscle mass


increased body fat

In a single clinical studyTrusted origin of men volunteers between the ages of 45 and 55, half the participants had been given a placebo and half had been awarded a 250 milligram (mg) dose of compacted shilajit two times every day. After 90 consecutive times, the analysis found that participants getting purified shilajit needed a considerably higher testosterone level when compared with placebo group.

  1. Chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a chronic illness that causes extreme tiredness or exhaustion. CFS will make it challenging to go to school or work, and easy everyday tasks can prove to be challenging. Researchers feel the shilajit supplements can lessen symptoms of CFS and revive energy.

CFS has also been associated with mitochondrial dysfunction. This happens when your cells do not create enough energy. In an analysis by 2012, scientists gave laboratory rats shilajit for 21 weeks, then induced CFS by forcing the rats to float 15 minutes to 21 successive days. The results found that shilajit assisted decrease the effects of CFS. They believe that was the consequence of the shilajit helping prevent adrenal dysfunction.

  1. Aging

Considering that shilajit is full of fulvic acid, a powerful antioxidant and anti inflammatory, it might also protect against free radicals and cell harm. Because of this, routine usage of shilajit can contributeTrusted Source to wellbeing, a lesser aging process, and overall health.

  1. High altitude sickness

A greater elevation can cause a Assortment of symptoms, such as:

pulmonary edema


lethargy, or feeling tired or sluggish

body pain



Altitude illness can be actuated by reduced atmospheric pressure, cold temperatures, or higher wind speed. Researchers feel that shilajit might help you conquer high elevation issues.

Shilajit includes fulvic acid and over 84 mineralsTrusted Source, therefore it gives many health benefits. It may be an antioxidant to enhance the system’s immunity and memory, as an anti-inflammatory, a power booster, along with also a diuretic to get rid of extra fluid in the body. Due to these advantages, shilajit is considered to help counteract several symptoms related to greater altitudes.

  1. Iron deficiency anemia

Iron deficiency anemia may result in the low-iron diet, weight reduction, or an inability to absorb iron. Symptoms include:



cold hands and feet


irregular heartbeat

  1. Infertility

Shilajit is also a safe nutritional supplement for erectile dysfunction. In a single studyTrusted Source, a bunch of 60 infertile guys took shilajit two times each day for 90 days following meals. In the conclusion of this 90-day span, over 60% of the research participants showed that an increase in sperm count. Over 12 percent had an increase in sperm motility. Sperm motility denotes the capability of the sperm in a sample to maneuver satisfactorily, an significant part fertility.

  1. Heart health

Shilajit as a nutritional supplement can also boost cardiovascular health. Researchers examined the cardiac operation of shilajit on laboratory rats. After getting a pretreatment of shilajit, a few rats were also injected with isoproterenol to cause heart harm. The analysis found that rats given shilajit before cardiac trauma had fewer cardiac rhythms.

Shilajit side effects

Though this herb is safe and natural, you should not have raw or unprocessed shilajit. Raw shilajit may comprise heavy metallic ions, free radicals, fungus, and other contaminations which could cause you to be sick. Whether you buy on the internet or out of a normal or health food shop, be sure shilajit is processed and prepared to be used.

As this is regarded as a natural approach to wellbeing, shilajit is not tracked for quality, purity, or potency from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Carefully investigate your choices of where to buy it and select a respectable source.

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