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Ayurveda or Ayurvedic medicine is a system of traditional medicine belonging to India, which makes use of a variety of treatments, consisting of panchakarma (‘ 5 activities’), yoga, massage treatment, acupuncture and herbal medicine, to urge health as well as well-being.

A range of Ayurvedic treatments

Ayurvedic techniques include:

Dietary changes

Herbal medicine, including combining herbs with metals, minerals or gems (known as rasha shastra medicines) that can take the form of pellets, tablets and powders of various colours and scents)

Acupuncture (practiced by some practitioners)



Breathing exercises

Panchakarma (‘five actions’) – a specialised treatment consisting of five therapies including emesis (vomiting), enemas and blood-letting, which are meant to detoxify the body and balance the doshas (in Ayurveda , the body’s three vital energies)

Sound therapy, including the use of mantras


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Ayurveda claims to treat a range of disorders

Ayurveda practitioners believe their approach is effective in curing a range of disorders, including:




Digestive problems


High blood pressure

High cholesterol levels

Rheumatoid arthritis


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Special considerations – herbs and rasa shastra medicines

Alongside diet, herbal medicine is central to Ayurveda treatment. Safety issues to consider include:

Herbal medicines can be as potent as pharmaceutical medicines and also should be treated with the same care as well as respect. If you want Ayurvedic Treatments ayurherbs.com.au provide pure Ayurvedic Treatments using natural herbs. The idea that herbs are secure as well as safe may urge unsuitable use or overdose.

Most Complementary medicines have actually not been examined on pregnant ladies, nursing mothers or kids as well as may be unsafe.

Complementary medicines such as herbs can be purchased without prescription. Nevertheless, they may still have adverse effects, engage with other medicines or treatments, or include damaging active ingredients not shown on the tag.

Avoid purchasing or taking a corresponding medicine, inspect the label for an ‘AUST L’ (listed) or ‘AUST R’ (registered) code. This implies they satisfy Australian safety standards created to secure your health.

Stay clear of acquiring or utilizing complementary medicines not registered with the TGA, including those acquired from abroad.

If you are provided with prep work by a friend or family member as well as you can not recognize the beginning or active ingredients, it is safer not to take it.

Tell your doctor concerning the Ayurvedic treatments you are having. This will help to minimize the danger of adverse reactions.

Never ever quit taking your conventional medicine or alter the dosage without the understanding and also authorization of your doctor.

Things to remember

Ayurveda or Ayurvedic medicine is a system of standard medicine belonging to India.

treatment choices are different and also can include yoga exercise, acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage treatment and nutritional modifications.

Instances of lead poisoning as a result of taking Ayurvedic treatments imported from India have actually been reported in Victoria.

Constantly check with your doctor Avoid beginning corresponding treatments and also never stop taking your standard medicine or change the dose without the expertise as well as authorization of your physician.

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