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One aspect of smoking, which is overlooked many times, is how electronic cigarette uses vapors. Specifically, the way your mouth interacts with vapor when you inhale. Many of those who come across do not pay much attention to this, but if you gain little knowledge you can greatly improve this experience. Therefore, in the next few lines we will discuss a bit about the most popular methods of vaping. If you are interested in a low-price guarantee, use the direct vapor promo code and you will get the a big discount compared to what the market offers.

There are two main ways that electronic cigarette users can digest, these being: from the mouth to the lungs and directly into the lungs. Each of the techniques presented yields different results and also involves the presence or absence of various factors such as sub-ohm resistance, battery power or air regulation. So, let’s introduce each one of them:

The “mouth to lung”

Being a method similar to traditional smoking, it involves drawing vapors into the mouth and then inhaling them into the lungs. This method of vape is more subtle, but because the vapor remains longer in the mouth, the flavor is much stronger. To digest optimal parameters in your lungs requires an electronic cigarette equipped with a resistance of over 1 ohm and a low power battery, generally of maximum 15 watts. Read more here.


  • this method of digestion consumes a smaller amount of e-liquid;
  • the e-liquid’s aroma is felt much louder;
  • being a similar method to smoking, is more than ideal if you want to give up your old vice;

The “directly into the lungs”

This vaping technique is characterized by inhalation of vapors directly into the lungs. It is also similar to breathing air from a balloon or pulling very strong air into the chest. In this way inhaled fumes quickly fill the lungs. Also, this method is also associated with the use of an electronic cigarette equipped with sub-ohm resistance and a stronger battery. Directly in the lungs due to the large amount of vapor that is inhaled, e-liquids with a concentration of maximum 6 mg / ml are recommended.

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  • direct vapor in the lungs offers much greater satisfaction because vapors are inhaled directly;
  • is the ideal method to create large clouds of vapor around you;

We can not necessarily support that one of the methods of painting presented is better than the other. But our belief is that the method of vaping “from the mouth to the lungs” is dedicated to beginners, while the “direct into the lungs” is dedicated to those who already have experience when it comes to using an electronic cigarette. At the same time, much of the pleasure of vaping comes from the user, who should discover which is the right method for him.

As the number of people who flock has grown considerably throughout the world and electronic cigarettes have evolved as such. Therefore, they have undergone different performance changes, starting with those that consume very little current and up to those that allow you to sub-ohm.

But what does the sub-ohm dump really mean?

To give you a simpler definition, we will say that sub-ohm digging is the process defined by the moment you use an electronic cigarette equipped with a resistance that is less than 1 ohm. Of course, in this case, we can say that those who use resistors with a value of more than 1 ohm, vaporize over ohm.

At first, sub-ohm digging was explored by veteran vampires who built their own electronic cigarette. Thus, thanks to the Ohm law, it was found that sub-ohm digging intensifies the experience you have while using the electronic cigarette.

Nowadays, sub-ohm digging has become something quite familiar among vampires. So, it’s no longer the case to be an electronic cigarette expert to digest a sub-ohm because there are currently a lot of diving modes on the market that can offer you this experience. It is good to know that electronic cigarettes that allow you to soak in this way have a power of between 10 watts and 300 watts. At the same time, to power the sub-ohm it takes a mode with a power of at least 30 watts.

Now that we have established that the difference between normal and sub-ohm vapors is less than 1 ohm of resistance, let’s find out what benefits this type of dump will bring. Read additional info here.


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