8 Elegant and romantic bedroom decorating ideas

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By JeffreyThurber

New couples who have decided to meld their lives have a unique perspective on the world – one that is often a bit rose-colored. We love to be in love, and finding ways to embrace and express this feeling is the goal of just about any new couple. Making your bedroom as fresh and new as your decision to be a couple is a great way to create intimacy that you both can share. To this end, JustDIYDecor.com would like to share 8 elegant and romantic bedroom decorating ideas with you to help you enhance your relationship.
1. Give Me Light
Lighting is a great way to set or express a mood. Instead of the typical two-lamps-beside-the-bed theme, consider recessed lights set on dimmers – you can let the light shine or turn it down to invoke your romantic side. You could also set a few strings of mellow-colored fairy lights over the bed set on a dimmer for more lovely atmosphere.
2. Flicker, Flicker
Everything and everyone looks better by candlelight, and something about being in love just naturally goes with it. Set aside a tabletop or shelf for a grouping of candles – fat, long-burning ones mixed with smaller ones sets the right tone. Go for unscented to avoid overpowering smells and then light them up as often as you’d like.
3. Paint It Like You Mean It
The color of the walls in your bedroom will have a lot to do with the feelings you get when you retire there. You are shooting for soothing, mellow, soft and warm. Muted gold or soft willow green or a warm buttery taupe are great choices and also ones that are fairly easy to decorate around as well.
4. The Smell of Success
Scent is one of the strongest of all our senses, and that is especially true in the bedroom. Consider getting a diffuser so you can just add some essential oil and waft an aromatic scent through your safe haven.
5. Linens are Everything
Your bedding should be ultra-comfortable – as plush and luxurious as you can afford. This is where you spend a 1/3 of your life, so enjoy it. High thread-count sheets and very comfortable pillows invite you to snuggle and share intimate feelings.
6. Worth a Thousand Words
The artwork on the walls should be something that speaks to you as a couple – make it a combination of the two of you so you each get something out of what you see – separately and together.
7. The Sounds of Silence
Actually, silence is not what you want to go for, but rather an undertone of sound that keeps you in a lovely mood. Sound machines are very sophisticated today and offer a variety of background sounds that soothe – a rain shower, the ocean waves at the beach, or soft bird song. Set it low and let it lull you to sleep.
8. Window to the World
You want to see the light of day, but you also want to keep the edges soft. Sheer curtains can do both and offer an understated frame to your bedroom windows. Shades or blinds can take care of blocking sights and light when needed, but sheers over them set your stage.

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