Tips for Neck Pain and Dizziness at Home

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Neck pain and dizziness occur alongside one another on occasion, sometimes flaring up and worsening without warning. Dizziness and neck pain can cause difficulty with standing, walking and/or concentration. If you suffer from neck pain in combination with dizziness, we have some tips you can try. But it is important to first be evaluated by a medical professional, such as a doctor or chiropractor in Tucker, to ensure that your condition isn’t serious – and that you can take any of the following measures to reduce symptoms at home.

Additionally, you might also want to consider taking some natural pain relievers – herbal remedies are a popular alternative to tylenol and other medications so be sure to do plenty of research if you are looking for more ways to combat your neck pain. 

Sit or Lie Down

Sitting or lying down can help to reduce discomfort associated with dizziness as well as the unsteadiness that can accompany it, thus reducing the risk of falls or serious accidents.

Close Your Eyes

Sometimes it may seem as though the room is spinning (a condition known as vertigo). Even when stopping to sit or lie down, you may still experience this sensation. Try closing your eyes as this may cause this feeling to dissipate with rest.

Slow and Steady

For some people, certain movements can cause dizzy spells with neck pain to come about, such as holding the head in one position or standing up too quickly. Try to keep your movements slow and steady to reduce triggering more dizziness and avoid activities or movements that are associated with your dizzy feelings.

Stay Hydrated and Eat Healthy

Drinking plenty of fluids and eating a well-balanced diet may help reduce your dizziness and neck pain incidents. Some people experience less episodes after limiting or quitting alcohol, smoking or caffeine as well.

Reduce Stress

Stress can contribute to some types of neck pain and associated dizziness. Try to reduce stress by exercising, getting adequate sleep and learning ways to manage your stress with stress management techniques.

Gentle Exercises and Neck Stretching

Improving the neck’s mobility and strength has been proven to be helpful in reducing neck pain and dizziness that is associated with it. Here are some neck exercises you can try for neck pain and dizziness.

Improve Biomechanics and Posture

Another way you may be able to find relief from neck pain and associated dizziness is by improving your biomechanics and/or posture. Blood vessels, nerves and muscles may be under pressure that causes your symptoms and improving either of these may help to reduce these nagging symptoms. Set a regular alarm on your phone to check your posture and set up a workspace that is ergonomic. Also get up and move around throughout the day. Take breaks from sitting to enable blood flow and to give your muscles a break.

If you experience chronic neck pain or dizzy spells, you should ensure your home is free of cluttered areas or rugs that could trip you. If your quality of life is negatively impacted by persistent dizziness and neck pain, you need to follow up with your Tucker, GA chiropractor or doctor who can do an evaluation (or re-evaluation) and help with treatments. If you experience neck pain and/or dizziness with other symptoms, including nausea, severe headache, weakness, numbness, trouble with coordination or walking or bladder/bowel dysfunction, seek immediate medical attention.


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