The Filipino Simple Family Lifestyle

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By JeffreyThurber

Bicol zone is now at the top of tourist destinations nowadays, not simply because of the magnificent attractions or the eye-catching man made attractions, yet its all about the family lifestyle of people.Being a grown up in an average state of family lifestyle I can say I am unfortunate to live with so much luxuriant or material things, nevertheless I am honed in a simple and humble lifestyle, but I am happy enough that me and my family is blessed to gain a very wonderful and memorable experiences than anybody because love is rich within me and my family at home.

There is a message that tells people “Live A Simple Life” It’s an easy to understand quote despite that significant for every family. Living in such a simple way is indeed a happy one you know why? Because in each and every simple and little thing we carry out can define the true concept of “happiness.” It may sound “corny” for some people. But the simple fact nowadays I discovered that living a happy life is more essential unlike living a perfect life. The simple family lifestyle will provide a choice on how you enjoy life to the fullest.

At the time of my cousin’s childhood years she learns to play an old or native Filipino game like the Patentero, this is a game usually played during the night particularly in full moon, at the midst of a breezy and relaxing nighttime, you will be able to hear screams of children’s voice, it’s exhausting however this game really is fun. There are times that her mother, father as well as brother and sister travel together having a family bonding, they play, eat and have the enjoyment with one another. A family condition of life are not going to hinder everybody to be deprive of being happy. They will be playing as a family in the large area rice field to play volleyball and in a rainy day. Are you aware that it’s funnier when compared to the usual volleyball court or in the seaside type of volleyball, you will certainly not be able to measure the happiness and the challenge it brings. The challenge will be in getting rid of mud. This type of family lifestyle provides you the feeling of satisfaction.

Be sure to endure something totally new given that life is to short live life to the fullest and simple family lifestyle provides you will get you will never ever forget.

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