Human Body Energy Fields

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By JeffreyThurber

The body, made up of seven billion billion atoms, is frequently in comparison to some machine for the reason that we have an engine, electrical system, movable parts, along with a computer aboard. This kind of example ignores four essential body aspects. The etheric body also attunes one?s awareness to universal energy. Blue-purple color radiates in the etheric body. The etheric body is identical shape because the body. Ancient in addition to contemporary literature has investigated human awareness, spirituality, and the idea of a soul. In this particular exploration continues to be the next four generally non-visible body energy fields: the etheric body, astral body, mental body, and also the causal body. The etheric body, sometimes known to because the ether-body or aether-body, may be the lower layer from the human energy field. It offers vitality and existence towards the body. It includes electromagnetic, chi, prana, as well as Ki vitality. From the science point of view, it consists of subatomic contaminants.

Finally, the astral is an area of one’s taking up exactly the same space because the aura, but seems to possess a greater amount of versatility in that it’s constantly reshaped by thought and emotion. The astral energy field functions like a vehicle of awareness, which could exist individually in the body though it may be linked to that body. Next may be the astral energy field which is generally posited between your mental and causal body energy fields. The concept goes back to a minimum of time of Plato. Some authors claim it’s the spiritual counterpart from the body however, Theosophists indicate the astral is the hyperlink between your human central nervous system and also the cosmos. The astral is a precise replica from the body and it is the instrument of feelings. Such as the other generally non-visible body energy fields, it stretches past the bodily body. Easy astral projection utilizes the astral body to go to other dimensions.

Further, seo may be the vehicle of thought vibration and allows the symbol of the self. Healing only at that energy field is more powerful, more durable compared to other three body energy fields. The reason behind this is actually the suspicion the mind energy field is encompassing, that’s, it is available all around the human body The 3rd body energy field is known as the mental body. It presents a fascinating challenge particularly cellular the quarrel over the position of the mind. It’s believed this mental body energy field is situated within the mind. The causal is the 4th body energy field. It’s its roots in Yogic and Vedantic concepts which have been forged into a few of the fundamental concepts of Theosophy, esotericism, and spiritual mysticism. It’s here the soul?the spiritual soul that survives the physical dying from the body, is available. Because the soul is energy and when one accepts the main premise from the Second Law of Thermodynamics that energy can’t be destroyed, it seems sensible then, the soul survives the dying from the body.

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