How to find the best surrogacy agency

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By JeffreyThurber

When you think about becoming a surrogate mother or starting a family through surrogacy, you are faced with one of the greatest adventures of your life.

Many will soon realise that not all agencies are the same, and sifting through each one is a daunting task.

Once parents realize that surrogacy is the right choice for them, the next step is to find a suitable agency to help them achieve their parenting goals.

The standard for surrogate mothers and egg donors may vary in terms of medical and psychological screening, but all intensive care parents will agree that their pregnancy representation is so important that they want nothing less than the gold standard of treatment.

To learn more about the operation of an agency and the type of services it offers to its surrogate mother, we recommend that you investigate the type of care that the agency offers to its surrogate mothers.

Examples are: what kind of benefits do they receive and what support do they receive throughout surrogacy?

When you speak to an agency, make a list of questions and listen to the answers given. Judge the answers by the degree of professionalism and sincerity and when you speak to the agency.

The questions intending parents should be asking when selecting a best surrogacy agency.

  • What are the screening process of its surrogates and egg donors?
  • Who are the fertility specialists and what are the success rates?
  • Does the agency have referrals for third-party reproductive attorneys?
  • If the agency serves international intending parents, do they have native speaking employees of that language on hand?
  • Is the surrogacy and egg donor agency in good standing?
  • Has the agency been in the industry for at least a decade?
  • Does the agency have former surrogates who are part of the team to offer more personalized care for current surrogates?
  • In what ways does the agency give its surrogates special care?
  • How many intending parents has the agency helped over the years?
  • At what point in the process does an intending parent need to make a financial commitment?
  • What exactly are the agency fees?
  • How often are surrogates paid?
  • Are surrogates offered a life insurance policy since they are assuming a risk?

Surrogacy is one way and it is important to get in touch with the people who care for them. If the selection is tight, it is also advisable to ask a member of the agency’s management team why they were formed in the first place.

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