Four Ways to Improve Your Brain Health

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By JeffreyThurber

There are many claims people make to help you become more intelligent and train your brain. There are several things which you can do for the empowerment of your brain. A lot of people ask that these claims are scientifically investigated. There are scientific evidences to prove what they are claiming. There are a few ways to increase your intellectual potential as well as your brain health. What we will discuss here is backed by hard evidence.

Quit Smoking

You are a smoker,and then you have to start by quitting this habit because nicotine will narrow down your blood vessels. There are several studies published about smokers with claim that people who are smoking two packs of cigarettes in a day have double chances of suffering from dementia when they get old. The best part is that people who were regular smokers after quitting this habit, they do not suffer from any increased risk of dementia. It is also noticed that the brain functioning was normal even in the old age.

Think Positive

This is known as Pygmalion effect in the psychology. In 1968 psychologists researched on it, this research suggests that if you set high standards for yourself and believe that this is easy for you to achieve, then the whole process becomes easier for you. On the other hand, children who cannot think positively will give up easily and cannot perform according to their capabilities.

Quality Sleep

When we are sleeping, your brain is still working. This is difficult to find out how many things your brain is doing even when you are at rest and not using it. Your brain is consolidating all the learning work which was taken during the course of the day. This is a well proven fact and your dreams are an example of it. Dreams are reflections of all the work and by sleeping properly; you will help your brain perform different tasks.

When you don’t take sufficient sleep, you cannot learn the things properly. Adults need 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep every day. To know more about it you can read sleep consolidation researches on the World Wide Web.

Eat a Healthy Diet

There are different types of food ingredients, which are beneficial for your brain and these are also available in the form of supplements. Marketing experts have extracted these ingredients from different food items and they are safe at moderate dosages. These food components will increase the mental functioning and has good effects on your memory. You can consume tomatoes,berries, broccoli and omega-3 fats. You can also opt for protein sources like fish chicken and eggs with beans and peas which are full of amino acids.

Stay Healthy

I think no need to mention that if you have a healthy body, then your mind will also give its 100%. If you stay physically active, then you can overcome certain body ailments without taking any kind of medication. Exercise will increase the blood flow, which will supply the proper amount of oxygen to your brain. Exercise will also increase the physical coordination and improve balancing power.Consume those extracted ingredients of foods which are safe at moderate dosages.

Along with this you can also do certain brain exercises to keep your brain healthy. Learning a new language is also advised to empower the brain.

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