Forage on to Success

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By JeffreyThurber

Where cows grazing in a Residing in Nevada Prominent company ranch children know forage, the feed of desert plants and grasses which make up food intake for livestock. Large herds wander the acres looking for provisions and they flourish. Even are in now, nutrition is produced by the desert. Foraging results in foods supplied.

There’s also the term”forge on” which means Constructing and shaping success through determination and hard work. Roadblocks seem and if the going gets rough, success can be built by dedication to task. Together with my eighth grade students I really like to tell them”Forage on!” This play-on-words lets me see who”got” the joke – cows forage/people forge – and that didn’t understand the terminology. Additionally, it permits me to the minds of abstract and concrete thinkers. To forage Patrick Calf on provides a picture of bulls and cows wandering the hinterland with a meal pursuit in mind. To forge on conveys the concept of a ship plowing seeking a destination and safe haven.

Having fun with words makes a joyous up part of my everyday routine. Become the magic of the moment since they and so words I like to write string and flow. They are examined by me for potential and potential meanings and interpretations, rhythm and rhyme, letter sounds and patterns. While I could say”busy bodies” a term most people know and recognize, you would also agree that’s worn out through overuse. We see those know-it-alls that whirl in delight of expressing opinions and narrowed views as they solve problems whether you like it or not. Kindergartners might be also visualized by us. While yipping in glee, they catch rulers, scissors, paper, sparkles, crayons, and glue. These are literally and definitely occupied bodies

Let’s replace “busy bodies” with “rambunctious ruffians”. Can these phrases differ? Rambunctious, to start with, is an outstanding word. It tilts and lilts around the mouth and then pops out to the atmosphere. It’s easy – ram- – and coarse – bunc – and jagged – tious. It shows a high-spirited and disorderly bunch (notice -bunc- and crowd and how they interplay). The riotousness of this rollicking scene generates noises that resonate and echo uproariously as these ruffians, better called 5-year older hooligans, participate in learning and fun. Ruffians might be described as hoods and thugs, but have you ever seen a kindergarten villain? And the mind skips over the import that is negative and replaces it. Yes, kindergartners exemplify ruffians that are rambunctious.

Now consider”old” words that hang about, Denoting significance within connotations that are new. Require”record” for example. If you’re over fifty, you recall 45s and records, needles and turntables. You remember watching the arm fall, turning the switch, tossing on an LP and slipping into audio mode. While children know documents and the reference of vinyl records, I wonder how many have each seen one in action: stacking favorites, watching them fall, and seeing the needle tide and the record spins. “Shifting the needle onto the arm” brings a quite different image for the adolescent of me and today. As shuffle and iPod mean to them, 78s and a Victrola add to my understanding.

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