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People are less tolerant of exercise and fitness these days. As long as people eat (anything), work from their comfort and make money, they won’t care about their lifestyles that much. Worse still, it’s unimaginable what kind of generation will come after us. Maybe worse. People are either lazy, don’t want to work out or they don’t find it convenient at all. Well, it can be such a daunting task, especially if you are a beginner.

You don’t need to worry now because the Power Gym machine is here to help you lose your weight effectively from your comfort zone. The Power Gym is the world’s first machine to help you exercise from home.

What is the Power Gym?

Power Gym Isokinetic trainer is a machine that stimulates your body’s rate of metabolism for you to gain muscular strength and lose a considerable amount of fat. You can use the Power Gym to work out various parts of your body, such as hips, legs, back, arms, shoulders, upper body, core, and many more. From its test on real athletes, it has shown actual results such as boosting their speed, endurance, and jumping ability. Most importantly also, it’s ideal for beginners since it doesn’t give you sores and you can stick to your exercise routine without dropping out.

About Power Gym Size & Features

Power Gym is not like any other trainers in the market. It stands out mainly because of its size and portability. Its entire body weighs 12lbs with the base measuring 12”x 12”. The main focus of the machine is isokinetic exercises, which are known for various benefits such as increased strength and agility without straining your muscles. The machine’s low impact exercises make it ideal for anyone regardless of their level of fitness. Both young and older people can use the Power Gym for competitive sports and rebuilding strength, respectively. Power gym has various smart features which enable you to track your training. You can connect to your mobile phone using the Power Gym App.

The machine is capable of optimizing your workouts using its sensors, which makes your workout routine enjoyable and exciting. The machine’s sensors are capable of measuring power for each repetition. All the data recorded during your workout is displayed on the monitor of your Power Gym and mobile phone.

How does it work?

The machine works off isokinetic resistance which brings automatic changes based on the effort you make. Most athletes prefer isokinetic exercises because of the fewer chances of getting injured because machines help you adjust the resistance on every repetition. Besides, it’s ideal for rehabilitation in case of an injury or surgery.

You can watch the video through this link:https://v.kickstarter.com/1566431566_2ba20fc875eeebbfb6f522b5c360ada3778119a6/assets/025/685/913/ce7587875426f120bbb1127fd0f0c4fa_h264_high.mp4 to see how the machine works.

Benefits of using the Power Gym

  • You can find a good Power Gym at competitive prices
  • It has been tested on real athletes and many people and has shown actual results
  • Ability to connect to your mobile device for easy tracking and measuring of results
  • It’s a top-quality product with many fitness benefits



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